[POLL] Game Jam 2 Vote!

Thank you everyone who submitted a game for the 2nd Arduboy Game Jam!

Download and vote for your favorite 3 games. Winners will receive prizes!

Polls close December 26th!

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Voters are encouraged to make their selections based on the quality of the game, the fun they have playing it, and how much it adheres to the holiday theme of this game jam!

Impressive results everyone! Please share!


Yay! I’m on the vote list :smiley: Thanks @bateske for restarting the vote! and adding me :hugs:


Noticed Evade 2 was pruned. :slight_smile:

Totall understand how and why it was.

All of the submissions are a win for the community.



Thank you for resetting the poll.
I know it must have been a hard decision but I’m glad you listened to people’s concerns.
I think the fact so many people spoke out and were generally rational and polite about the issue is a testament to the sense of camaraderie and good will the Arduboy forums have created - that’s something to be proud of.


I think I know why too, and I think a few others might have noticed.
I’m glad you aren’t upset about it being excluded, it’ll still be a very fun and popular game in its own right, and it’s probably for the best.

Most importantly, it’s only 3 hours since the reset and we’ve regained 1/3rd of the votes from before. Give it 24-48 hours and I’m sure we’ll have surpassed the previous number.


Definitely not upset at all =). I applaud the move as I believe it was absolutely the right one!

We developed the game for the love of the tech and the community and to push ourselves. Once I have an opportunity to breath, I’ll fill you guys in on the technical details on how we were able to get this done (and the surrounding tools) in 4.5 calendar weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you to all of the Game Jammers for all of these great gifts on Christmas Eve morning! Happy Holidays from @ardubun and @ardubeast and all of the students from Simon’s Rock!


PS Can you name all of the games above??

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Well done @ardubeast!!

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Thank you for the gift of EVADE 2! How about a Vectrex port?! :space_invader:

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Seems people keep confusing my splashscreen for a titlescreen.

(Maybe I’ll have to rethink my plan to use it to replace the Arduboy logo in all my future games.)

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Keep it consistent once you get one down. :wink: Brandin is important. I don’t care how much memory my splash screen takes up as long as it matches the other games.

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I love this pic!! This must have taken you some time to put together!


Wow you have more arduboys than I do! lol merry christmas and happy holidays everyone!


Don’t forget to comment why you choose certain games - if you dont want to reveal all your votes maybe just give a special shoutout - so you can be forever immortalised in vol 12 magazine :wink:

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If I had a fourth vote i would have voted for Holidate - just cos i think it’s a refreshing choice of game… not the usual action game. Thought Working Holiday was pretty funny, mostly because I can relate :joy:

Thanks everyone for your submissions!


I changed my vote a few times but ended up voting for Chri-Bocchi Cat by @obono, Holidate by @MorganLapis and @SerendipityDoDa, and (ungraciously) for myself.

I voted for Chri-Bocchi Cat because the world needs more cat-oriented games.
(The internet is run by cats after all, and I for one welcome our furry overlords.)

I voted for Holidate because it stands out as something different from the usual games - the Arduboy needs more visual novels and comedic dating sims.

And I voted for myself because I didn’t think many other people would.
Surprisingly I started near the top. But then I gradually slipped down, which is somewhat disappointing, but understandable given how unpolished my game was.

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I am voting for easter panic, because programming games are awesome and “hello, commander” because @FManga needs an arduboy and his game is quite polished (but I don’t particularly like those type of games).

1 vote left undecided, who deserves it?


My votes keep changing depending on what side of the bed I get out of.
The one constant is SanSan this game reminds me so much of one of my favourite games of all time “Bubble Bobble” the sprites really have that Taito look and the gameplay is simply fun …it ticks all my boxes.

Something keeps telling me to vote for Holidate for its out of the box thinking but well Frosty just freaks me out. I see this image and it reminds me of those “creepy strangers” mum would warn me about.

What are his intentions?
Does he have motives?
What dark secrets does that smile hide?


I liked many of them. I voted for the ones that adhere to the holiday theme, had a good look and feel and gave me the most fun playing and excluded my own game as voting on my own game feels unfair to me.

My number one is SanSan then a shared second, for KookyKookies and Santa’s Happy little packer.