[POLL] Game Jam 2 Vote!

The polls have closed! Thank you everyone for your submissions!

1st place: SanSan by @chame
2nd place: Hello, Commander by @FManga
3rd place (tie): Festive Fight by @crait
3rd place (tie): Xmas tree minigame by @Mr.Blinky

Congratulations to the top 4 winners! For your prize you can choose to collect one of 3 choices: Regular Arduboy (now), TetrisMicrocard (now) or Special Edition Black Arduventure (in febuary-ish)

Everyone else is also a winner! Anyone who submitted a game to this game jam can collect one Regular Arduboy!

Please write into contact@arduboy.com with your shipping information and we can send one out to you!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted! The games this time were better than last time I think and that it was done when a lot of people had family for the holidays it’s impressive!

Game Jam 2.0… OUT!


:rofl: really cool!

Congrats to all the winners! Had a lot if fun testing them all.

Thanks @bateske Can I do something to get the tetris microcard instead of a regular one? :joy: :joy: I have too many regular ones. Something like writting a magazine article maybe?


Finally I can touch my laptop back :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulation for the winners :slight_smile: So many great games in this Game Jam.

I have lots of fun time while creating it, and I’m happy with the result (although I’m not on the top 3 (or four)). I’ll keep sharing my games in the future with this great community :wink:.

And finally, Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it. :santa::christmas_tree:


I voted…

  • Sansan
    • High level of perfection.
  • Kooky Kookies
    • Pleasant.
  • Santa’s Happy Little Packer
    • I love a puzzle game like this.

Congrats to all ‘Jammers’ ans specially the winners:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Fantastic games, better than the last jam!!

Thanks @bateske and Arduboy Team, this jam was fantastic and for me a motivation to develop some new stuff for Arduboy.

I’m improving my Golf game (didn’t get much votes but i love it), soon i’ll publish a better version including some funny ideas that i couldn’t implement in time for the Jam.

Merry Christmas everyone :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

I voted for:

Chri-Bocchi-cat: As simple as funny. I like how the screen fills with stuff, its…satisfiyng
Kookies-kookies: Love this kind of puzzle games
Santa’s Little packer: I like puzzles and never played something like this one.

Wow!! I see the cover for the next Arduboy Magazine.:grinning::grinning:


With a line of Arduboys to the left it could represent the issue number 12.


Thanks to everyone who voted for SanSan.
Perhaps I will update SanSan later until mid-January.
I want to improve enemies’ motion and other.

If I had enough time, this game may become more BubbleBobble-like game.
But it became more generative game.


Holidate by @MorganLapis and @SerendipityDoDa was also on my shortlist! It made me smile and laugh more than any other game in the jam, and has my vote for Best Story / Best Dialogue.

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SanSan + Bubble Bobble = yes please!

Hmmm! Regardless of that (very nice) suggestion I should make a ‘1’ with the Game Jam #1 submissions.

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I sent my email on the 28th but haven’t received any confirmation so far. Naturally I’m a bit concerned.

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I sent an email on the 27th and haven’t received a confirmation either. But I didn’t expect one yet cause I’m assuming they are quite busy.

Don’t panic last time it took a whole month from jam closing and Arduboy arriving and that was without a holiday bang in the middle of it.

Looking online there’s also low to 0 stocks available from resellers.


I was at least half expecting a “we have recieved your email and will follow up when less busy”. I wasn’t expecting a “your Arduboy will be delivered in x weeks”, but just some kind of acknowledgement.

It would only take a few minutes per email.

As I say, I’m not so much concerned about when it arrives as I am about whether the email has been received or not. Even a brief statement about who they have or haven’t received emails from would suffice.

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I’m guessing they’re out on holiday, therefore not checking their mail.

Either that, or they’re still busy playing the Jam games. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I’ve needed to use the “contact us” form in the past I expected an auto response that never came…I actually questioned if the mail server was working at the time.

I find a little noise here or on Twitter gets the best results.

That’s something I hadn’t thought of.
An automatic response to acknowledge receipt of the email would be handy.

I don’t use Twitter, so I guess I’ll leave it up to someone else.

We got everyone’s info! Sorry for the delay! Our stock got wiped out across the globe this holiday season and We’re reordering inventory and will send you out a notification once it goes.

The office is also sort of closed at the moment (traveling for the holidays) so please accept apologies for the delay. I’ll post again once I’ve got an update!