[POLL] Game Jam 2 Vote!

Thank you for confirming that.

As I say, I’m not in any particular hurry to receive the Arduboy, I was just concerned about whether my contact details had been received or not.

I’m glad to hear that everyone’s details have been received.

Just sent them out from singapore, I know you all love that! (sorry, otherwise the delay would be longer for me to ship from USA)

I’ll email tracking info soon!


Sounds like a result for some, it would be nice if the Arduventure Arduboys could have a shipping from an alternative location … anywhere other than the USA.

Arduventure will ship from USA. Sorry? You don’t like USPS?

I’m not a huge fan of the excessive customs charges, I know they have to be paid but the part that really P’s me off is the additional £5 handling charge Royal Mail put on it to not deliver a parcel.

It seems that UK customs are only interested in hitting parcels from the USA as they never stop anything I have had from Australia or Asia including items with a valid value and description.

Same here. R$12 + 70% tax and no delivery. :persevere:

I can’t avoid the worst part though: Either way it takes about 2 or 3 months to get past customs.

I personally love USPS :stuck_out_tongue:

All others shipment companies keep the package until you pay their fake fees

Not much we can do about international customs other than try to get distributors in your country. Obviously pimoroni is an option but they seem sold out at the moment and of course wouldn’t work in situations like this.

That said, we can mark these as a gift so there’s a better chance they will come through customs cheaper?

Either way, there is rarely a free lunch when trying to get things across borders.

I mean, if you pay my flight I’ll try to smuggle as many into your country as I can! ;D

In my experience it is always better to put it a value than as a gift. Like: $19 USD - Electronics. The chinese are experts on those things by now.

As an anecdote, years ago I ordered some beef jerky from USA and the guy used “meat” as the description and the value included the shipment price 2 times :stuck_out_tongue: hahah so besides being inspected several weeks for “biohazard menaces” because the descriptions, the tax was extremely high

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The shipments just made have gift and the declared value as well. No more talking about shipping here, start a new thread if we need to complain about my shipping methods. :smiley:


Yay! thanks for shipping them off from Singapore @bateske

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This picture is great! I’m making a video for the magazine, is it OK if I use this image in the intro? Thanks!


My prize has arrived in one piece, all the way from Singapore.
Now I can finally return @noel_abercrombie’s kickstarter unit.

(My only complaint would be that I didn’t get an email to say it had been shipped out and thus no tracking info either. Luckily someone was around to sign for it.)


I could receive my prize.
Thank you!


Come on! it is a free Arduboy! Just say thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not being ungrateful, it’s just a bit of constructive criticism.

If nobody was around at the time then the courier might have tried to leave it with a neighbour, and if the courier picked the wrong neighbour I might have never seen the parcel again.

(In recent years we’ve had a few unscrupulous neighbours moving into houses that have been rented out.)

its not uncommon for them to just chuck parcels over a fence or leave them on the doorstep without leaving a card around here.

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Our AusPost guys write the card and put it in the letterbox without even coming to the door. Too lazy to walk up a 30 metre drive!

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In Britain we don’t have mailboxes or 30 metre drives, just letter boxes (small rectangles on our front doors) and really tiny houses. (They’re expensive too.)

They are about the same as Australia. The average income to mortgage ratio is around 7 - 7.5 for both countries. Australian’s have a fascination with backyards although this is becoming an un-affordable dream for most.