[POLL] Game Jam 3 Vote!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a game for the 3rd Arduboy Game Jam!

Download and vote for your favorite 3 games. Winners will receive prizes!

The games can be downloaded from the individual posts and are also available on this repo here:

Polls close May 15th!

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When voting please keep in mind the adherence to all 3 of the themes!

Games should be space themed, difficult to play and teaches you something along the way.

Incredible submissions everyone! More than ever before, I even had to increase the default maximum number of elements in a poll from 20 for this post!


@bateske Did my submission not match the criteria?

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I was looking for your in the poll. One of the few games I played a few days ago.

It’s a Game Jam tradition! I’m pretty sure @Mr.Blinky’s entry was initially left off of the initial Game Jam 2 vote (and went on to finish in the top-3)


Nobody has voted yet, so re-posting the poll seems like it could be the right move.

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Sorry @Dreamer2345 I had skipped over it because it had [WIP] in the title so I wasn’t sure if it was done. I went ahead and added it.

I’m seriously impressed by some of the submissions.

FormulaPOD by FManga is some next level sphere 3d engine… amazing work. And Logix by filmote is just so perfect for the theme I love it, it’s also a great fit for Arduboy in general I think. My final vote is going for Star Math too just because @chame games are always so high quality.


The [WIP] Meant I was gonna add more after the Jam XD No worries though


Wow it’s going to be tight for me to play test this many entries in time to vote.

Well done to all.


Looks like a lot of people either don’t realise they have 3 votes or have opted not to use all 3.
With 18 people there should be 54 votes used,
but only 45 have been used.

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As i am not able to test all of them, i at least read all threads and vote for the concepts and ideas. Even if i myself would not play some of them for long, because i am not really into educational games, i think some ideas and game designs are great nevertheless😊 I love these Game Jams!


There’s a lot of games, maybe they just haven’t gone through them all and made up their minds yet. I know I haven’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! :smiley: 

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It doesn’t worry me that you have copied the .hex but you did it without taking any licence files with them. Did you check the licence on each to make sure you weren’t actually breaking the licence by not distributing it?

For example, mine uses a BSD-3 licence which states that you must distribute the copyright notice with the code.


Good point. Hmmm. I can start adding the individual license files. But you are definitely correct that some of copyright notices may preclude any posting like this. If there is a specific one with this property, then I’ll remove it.

I am not fussed that you are hosting mine … but maybe you can take it down after the polling has finsihed?

And my apologies for creating such a post on the spur of the moment. I woke up this morning to find that half of the student submissions from Simon’s Rock were not available due to https://src-code.simons-rock.edu/git/ being down. (Fortunately, I had collected all of the .hex files so that we could play them in class last night.)

Thanks. And yes, definitely, I plan to take it down after the polling.

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If I were @bateske, I’d make it a requirement that (future) Game Jam entries use an open source licence, keeping in the spirit of the Arduboy being an open platform encouraging education, thus allowing examination and modification of the code.

(However, I’m not saying that suitable open source licences not be followed when redistributing the code and/or binaries, such as including the copyright, etc. with the distribution.)


I like @MLXXXp’s idea for open source game jams moving forward. But I was also in the wrong in redistributing without asking permission from the authors first. I have now updated the above list of links to include only the Simon’s Rock jams. My apologies to the other authors!

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