[POLL] Game Jam vote!

Thank you everyone who has taken part in the 1st Arduboy Game Jam this past week!

Download the games listed below and vote for your favorite 3 games!

Winners will receive special prizes! Polls close on the 30th May!

:tiger: :penguin: :elephant::bear: :horse:

  1. Back to the Jungle by @eried
    The zoo had to close, so help the animals cross the road and get back to the jungle!
  2. Harambe’s Revenge by @MorganLapis and @SerendipityDoDa
    In Harambe’s Revenge, you play as a phantasmal Harambe that has returned from the afterlife to convert oblivious tourists into mutant zombie gorilla minions which will then protect him. Harambe must contend with armed zookeepers, phantasmal snakers, and even anti-gorilla tank units.
  3. Leanna the Lion by @shdwwzrd
    Leanna may be a lion, but she knows what she likes: Fresh meat from her favorite restaurant. “The zoo had to close”
  4. Poop Panic! by @inajob
    Keep the zoo clean by scooping up poop!
  5. Roo Run by @crait
    The zoo had to close and now all the animals are trying to escape! Help the kangaroo run away from the animal control who’s trying to catch him.
  6. Snail Maze by @Keyboard_Camper
    The zoo had to close and Gary the snail was upset. Help guide Gary to get drunk at the pub!
  7. Sneaky Zoo by @Hundstrasse
    The zoo is closed so sneak past zoo wardens with flashlights at night!
  8. Techno Monkey by @RetrobitCoder
    A meteor crashes in a zoo and causes the zoo animals to mutate into robot hybrids. The zoo has been under quarantine and its a fight for survival insider… Can you survive?
  9. ZooEscape by @FerJerez
    The animals have gone crazy! Escape by jumping over obstacles and the crocodile. Don’t get bitten!

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Wow! 9 entries! That’s awesome!

Minus 0.5 for my attempt I should learn to crawl before I try to run :joy: Its amazing how much some of you managed to cram into your games making it a hard decision to vote.

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Harambe’s Revenge was I and @SerendipityDoDa together (had that on the Youtube and on Github, but I just tagged her here).


Credit for Harambe’s Revenge updated to include @SerendipityDoDa in addition to @MorganLapis.

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(Told you someone wouldn’t read the ino.)

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I’m really stuck on what to vote for.

I know I should vote for the games that are the most fun or the most well made, but I also want to just vote for the ones with the funniest plots (even though that’s at least half of them).


I just voted to 3 funniest games after a few plays (of course i don’t vote for my game).

I have two favourites and the third was a difficult choose. (i’ll keep the secret until votations ended)

Just wanna say good job all!! Especially the new programmers. Lot of creativity in this jam!

Thanks Arduboy Team for this event!

Good luck all

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wow this is a hard decision, can I have more than 3 votes? haha

Vote for the most polished games? Vote for the funniest concepts? Vote for the most original ideas? What to vote for…

I should just abstain and consider I voted for all, good job all of you!

Vote using RNG. Let the fates decide.

I think I uploaded all the entries to http://arduboy.ried.cl for fast access to everybody.

Now my website really needs a filter+search :blush:


There’s a lot of games on your site and it’s really useful.

Some kind of sorting method (newest, genre, category, user ratings…) would be great

great work with the uploader and the website.

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Yes, please! What you’ve put up is an awesome resource and a fantastic archive, without it I’d never have discovered so many hidden gems that so many talented people have programmed.

And it can only be even better with some sorting like @FerJerez suggested.

Can’t add @ardubeast and his student’s Huhuu is Hoo game without deleting the entire thread, so anyone who tried their game and liked it, do give it a special mention here!

I think it would be kind of unfair to let them in if they were late submitting anyway. The nice part of me wants to say we should for the sake of niceness, but deadlines have to end somewhere. There’s no reason it can’t be appreciated in its own right though.


Thank you for the shout-out @Celinebins!

We definitely submitted the first version well after the contest ended as @Pharap mentioned. On the other hand, it is nice to be involved ‘unofficially’ in the general Game Jam discussion, and we welcome any comments over on the HuHuu is Hoo?! thread. Speaking of which, Version 0.2 is now available (including .hex file) featuring 8 levels and the ability to check your ‘unlocked’ animal words.

Myself and the Simon’s Rock students are now going to focus on playing some of these great Jam games!


Voting ends in 2 days!

Can we get a specific time/timezone for that?

30th May 6pm PDT = 31st May 1am UTC

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