[POLL] Gold or Black Buttons

Looks like moving ahead with special edition! @JO3RI and I are having a friendly discussion on what color the buttons should be!

But the important thing is what do YOU think?

  • Gold Buttons! Bling Bling!
  • Black Buttons! Stealth Mode!

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Images are simulated in photoshop, nothing exists yet.

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So hard to choose.

Can the package include an extra button set?
Will the gold color be like mate gold or glossy? Mirror like?


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Personally I think white buttons would be better because it matches the monochrome screen.

(Sorry for the poor quality recolouring.)

But in the absence of such an option, I went for gold. As much as I admire the HHGttG reference, I think the buttons should be highlighted rather than blending in. (And it means I get to make lots of ‘black and gold’ jokes.)


I like the gold ones because they are gold, but I voted for the black ones because the arduboy itself look badass. It is like my mind say I should like the gold ones, but my heart like the stealth one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on Team Gold. It makes me think of the early NES Zelda carts. :slight_smile:

How about using clear plastic so the gold domes of the actual buttons show through?

You are grounded mister :stuck_out_tongue:


So are the buttons, when you press them. :smirk:

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You took the bait :smiley:

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Maybe take @eried’s idea a little further and throw some gold, white and black buttons in the box.

Also, maybe people who are going to actually buy one should vote?

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That looks sick.
Is the etching going to be black?

Are all the metallic parts going to be black like on this picture? (screws, welds, Arduboy logo,…) If they remain unpainted, I vote for gold buttons.

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The back will be anodized black, the etching will remove the dye and so it will be aluminum colored, or actually a bit white.

anodized_black_clc103_metal14_RGB cutlasercut

We could potentially do a painted silkscreen in gold color too for the artwork in the back, but that isn’t as durable. It’s being considered but probably won’t happen unless the factory says it’s no problem.

The metallic parts all stay the same. We aren;t painting anyhting, just want to use dark tinted plastic for the front, kind of like sunglasses. The OLED is bright enough to show through it, and you will still be able to see the circuit board underneath and all those parts will still be gold.


What’s the pricing gonna be on this ArduBoy ???

The price will be more than the current Arduboy, because producing this special edition batch is actually quite a bit more expensive to produce because the quantity is so small.

It looks like gold buttons are the winner! Although I wonder if @JO3RI hacked our election survey…

We will announce some more details about the launch soon, stay tuned!

Have you tested how that looks compared to the original? I know it is hard to please everybody but I like a lot how crisp the screen is right now

I’ve seen it done by my friends who created this:

Of course it will be a bit darker, but it’s difficult to say exactly since I don’t have specification for light transmission on the plastic… It’s a tradeoff between brightness and cool factor, but it’s not going to make it difficult to see by any stretch.

We are currently having some prototypes built for testing.The sharpness of the display won’t be effected, only the brightness.

This is a really bad example because the glasses are farther away from the screen which makes it worse, and they are actually like a mirror finish on the front, so cutting down the brightness even more… but it’s maybe close. I held the exposure the same for both pictures, but it’s still pretty subjective.

:zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

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