[POLL] How did you start learning programming?

(David Inwood) #42

My Dad taught me a little bit of programming on the Commodore 64 when I was a kid. Then I took a programming course in high school where we used a language called Turing. I’ve gradually picked up more since then.

(Simon) #43

Welcome aboard.

I didn’t even know there was a language called Turing. I looked it up and it says it was used primarily in Toronto … you Canadian?

(David Inwood) #44

Yes, I grew up in a city very close to Toronto. I didn’t realize that little language would give me away so easily! :grinning:

(Erwin) #45

Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: I was watching http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5618256/ yesterday… so I find your phrase quite amusing

(Jan) #46

In the late 80’s, when I was a child, with my lovely MSX computer.

(Simon) #47

48K RAM ! You were spoilt. My Vic-20 had 5K including the screen memory.

(Scott) #48

The computer I learned on, a Polly 88, which I built from a kit, came with only 256 bytes of RAM, plus a 1K screen buffer. I eventually added a 32K board. I put another 4K on the custom I/O card that I designed and built.

(Simon) #49

You would learn to be frugal with memory when trying to code in 256 bytes of RAM! What was the most impressive thing you managed before you upgraded?

(Scott) #50

I remember a car race game; the standard “move your car left or right to pass other cars scrolling down”. The “cars” were just graphics rectangles.

Also, the screen buffer was memory mapped, so you could use a section of it as regular program RAM and the rest for displaying data. The area used as program still showed up on the screen as whatever characters it mapped to. This was interesting, as you could “see” your program code, and the variables changing as it executed.


I started with some help from my cousin back in 2003 of 04.

(fred ) #52

The CoCo 2 is where I started. I have not programmed in over two decades. So starting with the arduboy is where I am picking up. Hoping to make a Galaga style game. Running through the tutorials now. Great community!!


My first computer was a ZX Spectrun 48K with Slipstream data recorder and 10 Sinclair games. Learned programming from the BASIC manual, a Z80 Pocket book and a Programming Machine language book by William Tang. Man I can still remember the Authors name. I guess I got my interest for low level struff from there :slight_smile:

(Simon) #54

I would love to see Galaga on the small screen!


I played that game quite a bit. I’m planning to do Frogger for which I have most pixel art already and maybe Rally-X I’m less into smups knowadays :slight_smile:

(fred ) #56

What are you using to create your pixel art?


mostly using ms paint for editing, irfanview for color depth conversions and recently started using pixelformer for editing with transparency