[POLL] Most USELESS Game Jam 4 Vote!

Most USELESS Not-A-Game

Many of these submissions are quite silly and very useless indeed. Which one of these applications for the Arduboy is in fact the most useless, or rather, excels at being awesome while being totally useless.

Really, just pick your favorite 3 silly apps! The winners will receive prizes!

Polls close November 21st!
This is for games that are most useless!

Click here for the most USEFUL Game Jam 4 Vote

The votes are in!

For the MOST USELESS Category:

1st Place: TV Tuner by @pmwasson
2nd Place: ArduSaver by @Prototype
3rd Place: Chirp by @eried

If one of these people is you then write into arduboy.com/contact with your shipping information to collect your prize!

Unless my eyes deceive me, it appears that there are two 3rd place entries both on 28%…


You can email me too if you like @Pharap :slight_smile:


Wonder if you would have noticed had you not come in fourth (oh sorry equal third)

Technically that makes me in 4th! Oh dam!!! All most! :slight_smile:


In all fairness @eried and @Pharap should be 2nd and @GnobarEl be 3rd as the quote

mentions only a single game. So @bateske how about giving @GnobarEl a paradox prize?

Possibly. Possibly not.

Under different circumstances it could have just as easily been Eried in my position.

Congratulations on the promotion. :P

@Mr.Blinky, do you mean @Prototype rather than @GnobarEl?

@Prototype got 2nd in both categories with different games.
@GnobarEl came 4th in ‘most useless’.

If you think you won something feel free to write me too, let’s see what happens :crazy_face:

Also, it might take a little bit of time, I won’t be able to 100% guarantee that these come before Christmas sorry because I’ll have to allocate units that have already been sold and there is a chance I’ll go out of stock on this batch.

But probably ok. Just no guarantee, I’ll try tho.

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Exactly. IMO ArduSaver should not be eligible for a prize because it’s his 2nd entry.