[Poll] New Arduboy: B&W or Color Screen?

Starting to do more serious planning for the new Arduboy, and I’ve heard compelling arguments and demand for both continuing the Black and White and for adding Color OLED Display.

Let’s put it to a vote to see where things are.

  • Keep it simple: Black and White :flag_black: :flag_white:
  • I love the rainbow: Full Color Please! :rainbow:

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Let’s ignore things like the necessary processor speed and power requirements. Let’s also ignore things like SD card and wireless communication. I’m just curious about the demand for screen color only.


Hi Kevin

I would love the colors, but would need more memory to store the extra space for sprites.

Thanks again Kevin for pulling through making the Arduboy (I have 3 of them…)

Happy new year, Cheers Jacoste


Some sort of 2/4-bit grayscale screen would be the best, it would be easy to emulate gameboy graphics on, but wouldn’t change the systems aesthetic. True colour would be nice, but seems a bit scope-creepy to me.

Would having 2 product tiers be possible? One basic model in b/w/g and one with more expensive colour display with all the extra bells and whistles to drive that.


[quote=“noel_abercrombie, post:3, topic:2697, full:true”]Would having 2 product tiers be possible? One basic model in b/w/g and one with more expensive colour display with all the extra bells and whistles to drive that.

In a product so small/cheap I’m not sure the basic model would see much sales/use over the premium one.

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Will there be 2 versions (color and B&W), or only one?

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Do what you want Kevin, as long as you don’t do planned obsolescence with the devices. I like the black and white of the Arduboy screen but I can’t appreciate how it would be to have a color Arduboy before playing with it in real. So I don’t vote. But I am sad that no new game come today for SNES or Xbox 360. When I like a game device, I want to use it as long as possible.


Black and white looks good, maybe two versions of Arduboy?

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I’m conflicted. I would love to see 2-bit greyscale over black/white or color. :slight_smile:


Would love a third option: 2bit (4 greyscale) …:slight_smile:


Colour all the way!!!

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Don’t bother with two new versions, if people like the bw arduboy, they can keep using the current model.
Also, base the new arduboy specs around a price point and don’t artificially limit its capabilities just because some people prefer their old gameboy.

Back on topic- colour.

2bit gray would also be ok. Moving to color - while keeping a balanced system - is too much like going overtly commercial. I would also be concerned that it would push the system out of a straight-forward understandable space.


Someone said it elsewhere, so I figured I would post it here since I agree with it so much… Having a full-blown color model with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, SD, and a lot of RAM and everything under the sun… All that stuff combined just makes for a product that has to rival soooo many others in the gaming market. The Arduboy is great because it’s niche and really has no competition for what it offers. I’d like to think that the next version of the Arduboy would still be in niche area. :slight_smile: Just my opinion…


I hope that when people say “color”, they mean only color, and not adding a lot of other features, because, you know, PocketCHIP at $69 is there, comes with Pico-8, and it’ll enter in direct competition with it.

I love Arduboy as a gadget. Its size is great. And it’s good for playing a game here and there.

Color would be nice, but please, keep it mostly as it is. Greyscale would be nice too, if color is too complicated/demanding.

But don’t turn Arduboy into something else!


I’d prefer color. We already had black and white. And pocketchip is a joke with that horrible keyboard.


That’s your opinion, and I completely disagree.

Even though the question was about color, I’d ask you consider the screen size, because right now it’s tiny

B&W is fine for basic games, colour is overkill in this small format, I would go with grey just to give some variety without a huge resource overhead.

Pocket Chip is a serious good thing (but the keyboard is truely bad)

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b+w or grey scale at most for me
SD card and moar pixels are more important imo

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