[Poll] New Arduboy: B&W or Color Screen?

For what it’s worth, I voted colour while intentionally meaning 4-colour greyscale.

The two biggest things on my wishlist for the Arduboy are more memory and a 4-shade greyscale screen, 1 white, 1 black, 2 greys.
(Naturally SD comes after, but those three things are all I could possibly want from the Arduboy.)

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4-shade greyscale screen

Have you found any screens that do 2-bit “color”? I can’t seem to find any, but I would love to play around with one.

“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”


Sadly I haven’t.
Lots have people have looked but nobody seems to have found one that’s suitable.

I think the closest you can get to a 2-bit display is using 4-bit gray displaywith a 2-bit software driver

I just found this 128x96 one:

If SPI read would be implemented in future Arduboy. The unused display ram could be (ab)used as some extended ram :slight_smile:

PocketChip doesn’t fit in your pocket though (at least not without fear of breaking it). And it kind of stinks for gaming… and typing… and it’s hard to get one being that people are always complaining about their shipments being late. I think a color Arduboy would be more in competition with the RPI gameboys people are trying to sell.

Honestly, if the Arduboy had a couple more buttons, a color screen, stayed the same size at the cost of battery life I think it’d be my perfect handheld :grinning:


I’d choose color as option 1, and greyscale as a 2nd option. (But I’d love it if the color option was as close as possible to the current Arduboy; I love its current size!)

If it goes colour and the likely chance of moving to ARM it would become just another quirky device not much different to the rest in an already flooded market.
For me it’s not the next great homebrew portable console but it is the next generation of lcd games that I grew up with in th 80’s before the Gameboy DMG entered the market.


1bit black/green screen


Perfect. With a correspondingly retro color board, that would look and play amazing

That’s a real thing:


It’s larger though, and a slightly different screen controller.

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This is the one I’m using and comes in multiple colors.

Just requires 3 bytes of extra data in the display initialisation in the Arduboy(2) libraries

Stil thinking about grabbing a yellow-amber-ish one for a warm retro look :slight_smile:


It’s more or less been decided that color isn’t going to happen, at least not with anything specifically Arduboy branded. I’m interested in the color OLED, but as other people have mentioned and it’s more and more clear to me now… Arduboy has something special with the 1 bit graphics, pretty much no other system has this design aesthetic. It makes it unique and it also forces developers to think a little bit different.

Now when you see a screen shot of a 128x128 color game, you aren’t going to immediately think Arduboy. But you do if you see a 128x64 black and white one.

I’d have interest in doing a PICO8 console, but the problem is you’re basically looking at building a Pocket chip or some other linux machine until someone builds pico8 for a specific micro controller.

We’re gonna do SD card, some form of wireless mutiplayer and maybe a couple more buttons, sound… but almost certainly not touching the display.


Yep … agree. If you want to develop full blown colour apps, maybe a mobile phone is your thing?

Or pokkito, or gamebuino meta, or console, or PC. The argument still stands about supporting Pico8, but yeah thats’ a massive undertaking.


Keep it monochrome, but maybe make it so you can change the foreground and background color, like some of the old VIC20 games.

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I would very happily buy green monochrome and amber monochrome ones if they became available

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You can use coloured Acetate or sweet wrappers between the screen and shell.