[POLL] Pretty Simple Game Jam 5 Vote!

For what purpose? I assume @bateske provides prizes at least partially for promoting sales by having more unique games available. I don’t think 10 versions of pac-man would help very much with this.

You could do it without prizes but might not get many entries.

Maybe cool it on nitpicking the game jam rules.

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Thank you all for voting for our game!

It was a great Jam with so many really good entries.


I will make a post about this, everything is on fire around me (no real danger as of now) and power might go out so congrats to the winners I’ll make an update tomorrow!


Oh are you in CA now? Look after yourself.

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Congrats @filmote @Vampirics and @uXe!

Yeah, there were so many awesome entries it convinced me to buy an Arduboy! I voted for @crait’s Skulls game, it’s so polished!

So when is the next jam? I have a C++ book arriving later today and I want to play!


I got 4th! :medal_sports:
Thank you for playing “Evasion”. :laughing:
This jam was so fun.


The results are in!

  1. Lion Tamer [Game Jam 5] by @filmote @vampirics and @uXe
  2. Fill the cup by @Spartanfox
  3. Apprentice wizard (みならいまほうつかい) by @inajob
  4. Evasion - a simple action game by @obono
  5. Beam 'em Up [Game Jam 5] by @unwiredben

Congrats to the winners! I was really blown away by the number of games made for this Game Jam! Excellent contributions from everyone. It was a fun jam and even I got a chance to participate this time. Thank you everyone for their submissions!


And here is the code size adjusted rankings that I was able to do with the help of @mlxxxp evaluating and normalizing the sizes of all the games.

  1. Fill the cup by @Spartanfox
  2. Lion Tamer [Game Jam 5] by @filmote @vampirics and @uXe
  3. Firebox - Game Jam 5 Entry by @jhhoward
  4. Beam 'em Up [Game Jam 5] by @unwiredben
  5. New Blocks On The Kid by @bateske Disqualified!
  6. Miss Snake by @mad4j

Here is the math I used: I took the delta from the largest adjusted file size, and multiplied that times the number of votes and sorted according to that. Unscientific, sure. If someone wants to appeal the decision please just send me PM, do not make a big deal about it here in the thread this is supposed to be fun.

Game AdjSize SizeDelta SizeRank Percent Votes Delta*Votes
Fill the Cup 12386 13.078 4 18 9.72 127.11816
Lion 21872 3.592 13 26 14.04 50.43168
Firebox 7594 17.87 1 5 2.7 48.249
BeamEmUp 14112 11.352 7 6 3.24 36.78048
NewBlocksOnTheKid 15002 10.462 9 5 2.7 28.2474
MissSnake 14392 11.072 8 4 2.16 23.91552
apprentice-wizard 22782 2.682 15 13 7.02 18.82764
Alice Catches Cards 10990 14.474 2 2 1.08 15.63192
SlidingTiles 13150 12.314 5 2 1.08 13.29912
ArduboyZenbox 16760 8.704 10 2 1.08 9.40032
MannBarSchwein 24108 1.356 17 4 2.16 2.92896
InsaneSkulls 23468 1.996 16 2 1.08 2.15568
Quick_Block 11508 13.956 3 0 0 0
FlufflesRainyDay 14002 11.462 6 0 0 0
Rhythum 20082 5.382 11 0 0 0
RushIDE 20758 4.706 12 0 0 0
buttonMash 22350 3.114 14 0 0 0
evasion 25464 0 18 11 5.94 0

So what does it all MEAN?

Well the adjusted scores means, everyone will qualify for prizes according to their un-adjusted voted results, in addition:

@Spartanfox went up a level and now qualifies for a 1st place prize!
@jhhoward gets a position on the board and qualifies for 3rd place prize!
@unwiredben gains a position and now qualifies for a 4th place prize!
@bateske takes a position but is immediately disqualified for running the joint!
@mad4j also now qualifies for a 5th place prize!

(@filmote, @Vampirics, @uXe, @obono and @inajob all retain their higher level rankings from the origonal vote!)


Regular Arduboy and Micro Arcade rewards will ship in the next week! Other prizes that have not been constructed yet will be delivered on a “when ready” basis. It’s gonna be several month for those Arduboy Minis! (I’m busy trying to get FX to everyone first! If you would prefer to not wait for your prize, please PM me and I can send you a regular Arduboy Micro Arcade instead!


Admit it, you just wanted an excuse to try making a comment with a table in it. :P


I didn’t even know it was strictly possible before @mlxxxp did it

Oh! Please contact me via PM or arduboy.com/contact to let me know your address information, or I will reach out to you. Feel free to pester me about it, it’s gonna take some time, apologies!

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So how frequent are the game jams?

So what happened with this?


Thanks for voting for my game, but I think there were so many others that were so cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks for making such cool games, everyone!

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Usually only about once or twice a year.

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Thank you for voting!
I got 3rd !!
I’m happy to get such a positive feedback!
Thank you for good Game Jam!


Apologies for the late response I’ve been turning my arduboy into a useless crank powered version.
But thank you to everyone who voted for my game I very much enjoyed making it and I plan to make more. Probably after my arduboy is in one piece though the poor thing.

First thing Im doing with the arduboy mini is 3d printing a BMO body for it


I am going to hit you up for one of those bodies!

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Id need some teal filament so id be able to print a whole bunch of them