[POLL] Should i continue undertale maker

Hi Iv’e been making a game called Undertale maker and it hasn’t received the hype i expected so if you still want it please VOTE

  • Yes keep going
  • Nah just stop

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Did you make it for yourself? If so, keep going as its a great learning experience.


TBH I’m not even hyped for Arduventure so don’t feel too bad if your not getting a huge response. The thing is unless its work and your working on a project that’s offering no enjoyment whats the point? move on to something you will enjoy its your hobby and yours alone, if others like the end result its a bonus but that shouldn’t be your main goal.


Don’t make games because you want other people to be hyped about them, make games because you enjoy making games - other people liking them is just a bonus.

If you do really want hype though, you might find that a lack of advertising/update announcements is part of your problem.


Yes im exited to keep going and yes i like it but others liking it would help the passion .thanks everyone for your opinion and giving me the truth of what you think.