[POLL] What do you like best about Arduboy?

(Celine) #1

For the Magazine’s Vol 4, we want to find out what you guys like best about Arduboy… Is it the variety of games? Small and compact size?

Vote for your 3 favorite features below:

  1. Variety of games
  2. Quality of games
  3. Portability
  4. Appearance / Form factor
  5. Community
  6. Nostalgic Factor
  7. Open sourced resources
  8. Learning Tool
  9. Graphics / Pixel Art
  10. Sound / Tunes

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(Holmes) #2

Dang… Only 3 votes… Had to think hard about this one… Lol


Limited Resources. It makes programming for it an enjoyable challenge

(curly) #4

open source

learning tool


not in that order

it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a game on Arduboy, but, there is a learning curve and the community mixed with the open sourced nature of the device creates a unique learning tool that i am glad to have found when googling Arduino projects

(Erwin) #5

Looks so cute and badass. Also the challenge it represent to build something in it. You can start dreaming in somehow a very limited world and everything seems feasible :slight_smile:


Compare to all other game devices, Arduboy is really good at open sourced resources, appearance / form factor, portability, learning tool, graphics / pixel art and community. And compare to PS Vita, Arduboy is really bad at quality of games, variety of games and sound / Tunes. I am not sure for nostalgic factor, it seem’s that Arduboy did not could exist in the past. We could add money factor : once Arduboy bought, you don’t have to pay anything else (and Arduboy isn’t so expensive).

(Celine) #7

Interesting that you mention price because I wanted to add in the price point as one of the options!

(curly) #8

i should also mention that the only reason i baught arduboy over gamebuino (i know now the gamebuino is not nearly as epic as arduboy) was because i could buy an arduboy on amazon, and my boss didnt want to put her credit card into gamebuinos website

(Celine) #9

Dont forget to vote, and comment if something is left out from this poll :wink:

(curly) #10

3 choices is far to few, the sound i could do with or without, but everything else is one of my favorite things

(Celine) #11

Bump bump bump before the results get collated for the magazine… last chance to vote if you have not! :smiley:

(curly) #12

or vote twice if you make a sneaky second account :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pharap) #13

I would have said ease of use and the fact it’s an embedded system if they were options.


I chose sound/tunes but I really am disappointed by the lack of 8-bit music that has been made for the arduboy. The new Arduventure is a nice turn in the correct direction