[POLL] What is your favourite video game music?

(Celine) #1

We want to know what (video game) music you like!

List the top 3 video games that you think have the best music, or even better if there is a specific song in a video game.

Link to the song in your comments so everyone else can enjoy!


(Pharap) #2
  1. Mario Galaxy.
  2. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
  3. Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

I’m sure there are others I’d love to add to the list, but those were the first three I thought of.

Oh, and:

  1. Little King’s Story

(Celine) #3
  1. Ragnarok online
    I used to spend quite a bit of my free time in secondary school running around killing poring
  1. I’m a sucker for League of Legend’s animated login screens, and how much story go into the characters
  1. Tetris
    No link here just turn on your Tetris Microcard :wink:

(Kevin) #4
  1. Final Fantasy 7 Boss Music
  2. Chrono Trigger Magus Theme
  3. Secret of Mana - Matango

But really any song of the above games is close to my heart

(Mike) #5

John cage"s 3 minutes 33 seconds is the music i want to hear from a video game. Some have a setting to let me play that.

(Simon) #6

:grinning: I thought it was 4 minutes and 33 seconds. And yes, every game should have that feature!

Should have added, Frank Zappa covered this piece. His interpretation is … welll a typical Zappa piece that will blow your mind.

(Boti Kis) #7

Oh yesss. <3

(Jack) #8

Yes I agree Zappa’s adaptation of Cage’s composition is well ZAPPA!!! What can I say I am a long time Zappaophile.

(Mike) #9

I believe you are right. But I’ve been pretty heavily sedated for the last day or so.

(Simon) #10

So was Frank when he covered it! Hope you get better soon.

(Erwin) #11

NES Battletoads pause music… of course


Breath. Of. The. Wild.

(Cody) #13

mmmmm ah very nice sound track that one.
although the retro part is lacking.