Poll: What is your OS?

Just curious what people use. If you are interested in giving feedback on the developer documentation as it’s being compiled, please PM me. In the PM include the OS you develop in (the poll won’t pick it up). As always, there will be a payoff: forum badges! :sleeping:


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Gentoo*
  • Other

*If you select Gentoo, please provide a screenshot.

i use in my netbook linux and in my pc W7 … but linux as diferent types of sistems and installs so i think that a .DEB is good… i use CRUNCHBANG++ (plusplus)

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I program my arduboy by hand generating data bits by touching 2 wires together.


why are you sleeping?


But what OS though! Two Wires© is an ok text editor (no complicated key-bindings, but no macros either), but what environment are you in?