[POLL] What makes a great Arduboy Game?

(Celine) #1

For the Magazine’s Vol 3, we want to find out what makes a great Arduboy game… Is it the ability to shoot stuff? Cool animations? Sound effects?

Vote for your 3 most important features below:

  1. Bullets
  2. Sound effects
  3. Animation
  4. Pixel Art
  5. Ability to load saved games
  6. Simplicity of gameplay
  7. Easy to edit source code
  8. Original story line
  9. Clones of classic games
  10. Amount of levels

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(Celine) #2

(Holmes) #3

I think a game needs 2 things to be a good Arduboy game:

  1. Replayability- This includes things like… Randomness to each game, or maybe a lot of levels to hold you over, or something that changes so that you aren’t bored each time you play.

  2. Visibility- I think Arduboy games need to be easily seen on the screen. Even though some games are fun, they are hard to look at for a long period of time. Great graphics and animations usually really help the long-term playability of games on the system. There really are some beautiful games for the system. :slight_smile:

(Celine) #4

bump for more votes!

(Fernando Jerez) #5

Vote for Visibility!

(Kevin) #6

This vote is rigged!

(curly) #7

true the ammount of lvls is not nearly as important as the quality, i have changed my vote

(Pharap) #8

I voted for Simplicity, Source Code and (because I didn’t think it through) Clones. (Should have gone Pixel Art.)

Simplicity is good because it means there’s no pressure on people to make something fantastic and because (let’s be honest) something complicated isn’t likely to get played much on a tiny screen and will always be limited by hardware restrictions.

Generally I’m not a major proponent of open source (certainly not Richard Stallman level) but because Arduboy is meant to be educational I think it’s important that people make the source code of their games available for others to learn from.

Clones of classic games are nice because nostalgia and making things easy, but also because most people know how they work and what the rules are so they’re good to try to copy and to learn from.

Pixel art because dem pixels. (P.S. really want a 4 colour screen. Black, White & 2 Greys)