[POLL] You like Black Shirts with the design on the Front!

Arduboy T-Shirts are on the way!

We are preparing to offer some amazing T-Shirts for sale! This is perfect for people who love Arduboy and don’t hate T-Shirts! If you love developing miniature 8-bit games and the upper half of your body needs to be covered then you need to vote below.

Help us decide what color to make the Arduboy shirts! Examples below!

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Red
  • White

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These are super soft, best quality American Apparel shirts that have a high quality print on them.

We couldn’t figure out which color we like best! White reminds us of the PCB color, but is a little too… vanilla. Black is a solid option, like the OLED screen… but once you see these colors they really look great! Purple is the origonal PCB color, but green is the common PCB color. The blue is super hipster. I can’t decide. What color Arduboy shirt would you like?

All those colors look great… I like blue and purple a lot. White looks cools, and so does black.

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I don’t like the design on the back personally. I would rather have it on the front.


I didn’t even notice that was the back design, yeah I say put that on the front and get rid of the logo.

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Ok, sub poll time! Where do you like the design?

  • Front
  • Back

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Black shirts with the design on the front have been ordered, will be here in a couple days!



Get your shirt today!

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$20 shipping to the UK!!! WTF!


Same to Europe I guess… 80stees ship a t-shirt for 5 bucks

it would be MUCH more cost effective to have them printed in multiple places for this reason

Maybe I could bring it down to $15 but then we will lose money on some shipments unfortunately USPS is the cheapest option we have right now using stamps.com

We’re looking at getting DHL again which should bring the costs down.

Large online companies have enough volume they can offer really low shipping prices. It’s something that really disadvantages small companies because consumers are used to cheap or free shipping (thanks amazon!).

sell them on amazon?

I would love a t-shirt but sorry, there is no way I’m paying $40 for the privilege. It would be the single most expensive t-shirt I have ever owned.

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In order for this to we would need to have Amazon actually stock the product. Which might actually happen for the actual Arduboy product some time in the future…

I hear ya, we will look into it. But also it is flat rate shipping, order a few more things! :slight_smile:

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that would be good, there are people selling arduboy for $80 plus on amazon

We just reduced shipping costs!

Canada and Mexico: $10
Japan, UK & Europe: $15

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Also you might try this coupon code at checkout for a super secret community surprise: UUDDLRLRAB
Expires at the end of the month!

Just too bad they don’t​ come in a size that would fit me hahaha

They do not come in proper Arduboy-fan sizes. That XL wont fit me either :confused:

Ya, I rock an XXL, but these days xxxl for comfort :slight_smile: still need to start shedding my winter insulation hahahahaha. An XL that fits tightly is just a medium. Hahaha

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