[POLL] Your favourite game show / exhibitions

(Celine) #1

Just attended Gamestart Asia, and Portland Retro Gaming Expo - both were so different, but both were awesome.

Have you been to any recently? What are your favourite(s) game shows/exhibitions / maker faires to go to, and why? :thinking:

The games? The cosplay? The E-Sports? The indie games? To try out the games/hardware from popular game publishers?

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PDX native here! The Retro Gaming Expo is always a great event to attend for hard to find collectables and sweet merch. For people who want more current gen stuff/upcoming games, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is amazing…if you can get tickets before they sell out!

(cyril guichard) #3

To me, it’s GDC hands down: always some very interesting talks, and I always love going to San Francisco.
E3 is pretty fun as well, but I’ve always felt overwhelmed and I find it less focused than GDC.

(Pharap) #4

I sometimes leave the house… sometimes…

Seriously though, I’ve only ever been to one gaming convention, EGX/Eurgamer expo, but I went twice (two separate years). I’ve never been to a ‘maker faire’ and frankly until this year I wasn’t even aware they were a thing.

I mainly like playing the old consoles that were around ‘before my time’ and trying out the upcoming games.

I feel really sorry for this one developer I met at Eurogamer who was making what was set to be a really nice RPG stlye game (called Tears Of Avia) but the kickstarter fell through so he didn’t get the funding he needed.
I liked the dev too, he was a nice guy and he wasn’t afraid to discuss some of the programming techniques behind it.

(Scott R) #5

I went to EGX about 5 years ago, for me the highlight was playing R-Type on a PC-Engine.

(Pharap) #6

That would have been before I went. I’m presuming you went to the London one?
First time I went was in London, second time was Manchester.

(Scott R) #7

That’s the one at Earls Court.

(Pharap) #8

Yes, the one I went to was at Earl’s Court, I don’t know if they ever have it anywhere else.

(Scott R) #9

They have something going on near the Docklands no idea if it’s the same thing. I think it’s also been at the NEC.

(Pharap) #10

Yeah, the NEC’s the Manchester one.
That’s the one where Tears Of Avia was being showcased.

If by the docklands you mean “ExCeL London” by Victoria Dock then as far as I’m aware that’s probably the MCM London Comic Con that you’re thinking of, which isn’t really a gaming convention. They host a lot of things though so it’s possible that EGX has been hosted there.

(And you never said if it was the London or Manchester one that you went to.)

(Scott R) #11

Just had a quick google the one near docklands is EGX Rezzed at Tobacco Dock. On a side note I’ve done comic con :slight_smile: ExCeL is just up the road for me.

(I said Earls Court :stuck_out_tongue:)

(Pharap) #12

I forgot they do that too.

I took “That’s the one at Earl’s Court” as “That’s the one at Earl’s Court, right?”, rather than “I went to the one at Earl’s Court.” :P.

Oh well, now that’s cleared up we can stop hogging the thread. The site is starting to complain about the number of posts I’ve written.
On the bright side, anyone living in Britain is now aware of where EGX happens.

(Celine) #13

What about in east US / Canada, central Europe, and Asia? :slight_smile:

(Celine) #14

Australians, has anyone been to:

:thinking: @Wazdog83 @Cody17 @uXe @filmote @DarthKegRaider @Bergasms

(Pharap) #15

I’m starting to think 80% of the forum users are shut-ins (myself included).

Come on everyone, we need more replies or this month’s magazine is going to be horribly empty. :crying_cat_face:

(Cody) #16

I wanna but I’m a homey never really leave the property!..unless I have to.

(Pharap) #17

(cyril guichard) #18

I realize that aside GDC and E3, I forgot to mention other much smaller events that I always go to:

OIX (Orlando Interactive eXperience): http://www.orlandoix.com/
Geek End: in my hometown of Savannah, not just game, but a bit of everything “geek”… I think I’ll be a speaker at the coming one, I may actually talk about Aruboy :slight_smile: http://www.geek-end.com/

(Pharap) #19

That’s a pretty neat pun.