Pong - Just learning the ropes

Hi Everyone,

I more or less finished my first attempt at making a game for the arduboy. It is a very simple clone of pong, which includes a 1 player and 2 player mode and a few options to change the difficulty, In the future I might add a few things, but for now I will probably start working on something more difficult. Hope everyone enjoys.

A: Player 2 down or Select
B: Player 2 up
UP: Player 1 up
Down: player 1 down
Right: change option
Left: change option or PAUSE

pong.hex (41.2 KB)


Great first game.

I would love to see the ā€˜artificial intelligenceā€™ you put behind the computer player. The computer nicely misses a few shots which makes you feel like you have a chance of beating him.

Thanks! The AI is super simple. Basically the computer moves up and down based on where the ball is and the higher the difficulty the more often the computer is checking on the position of the ball. What makes the computer miss the ball is most likely due to the fact that I donā€™t have it compensate for how close the ball is to the bottom or top barriers, which like you said makes it actually possible to beat the computer because otherwise the computer only really misses when the ball resets.