Portland Retro Gaming Expo (Oct 13-15)

I’ll be manning the Arduboy booth at this years PRGE!


October 13 through 15th at the Portland Convention Center.
Day passes are between $25 to $60 for the weekend.

Selling Arduboy FX and having samples of the Mini Prototypes and the 3d printed cases available for inspection. Hope to have some other special things to show off there too!

Arduboys will be on SALE at the event! No shipping fee AND an additional $5 off! $49 for an Arduboy FX! Get out of town! No seriously, get out of town and come visit Portland it’s (probably) not as dangerous as you saw on the news!*

*Actually it’s getting better but still pretty messed up

If you are in the Portland area come by and say hi! @tuxinator2009 is going to be there too helping out!


Cool. I’m planning to stop by!

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Anyone have suggestions what would draw them to the booth?

“200+ games on-board, 400+ free open source games online!”

“Learn to code, Arduino, C++, Rust(New!)”

Maybe have a banner printed out with screenshots of the games? Black and white save on money!


Looks more like a booth for a horror game to be honest. Maybe change it up a bit so it isn’t as clean and modern and maybe change the font up top to the one on the forum homepage.

Maybe you could also do something like this

Kind of like the Playstation stuff in a way

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Lol the colors are just a placeholder, I’m trying to get an idea for the layout.

I’ve got the Arduboy LED sign I’m trying to use overhead:

I’ve had it on the table before but it clutters things up.

I agree I think I’ve gotta have the buttons up there somewhere.


Well shit, I only have grey scale ones for you!


Nice Arduboy tune,loop the 1st 16-20 seconds of it for a nice attract tune :slight_smile:

Take a big TV with you and run ardens on it. Program an Arduboy as controller so people can play with Arduboy on the big screen? (would also be a good use for an Arduboy with a broken screen?)

Besides a banner you could also print some screenshots on some paper sheets (one per sheet) and stick them randomly on the booth.

for the buttons decoration @Ard_Flamingo suggested, you could cut them out from black and red colored paper and stick them to the booth with double sided paper (or pins?)

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Colored paper tends to be pretty coarse but origami paper is really smooth. Not sure if they make big sheets of them though. Maybe thin cardboard could work too? Perhaps you could print out the shapes on paper and then after you cut them out, throw on some paint. I think it’ll be smooth that way.

Someone on the Pokitto site has made a big MDF version of the Pokitto with a PC screen built into it and a Nintendo controller (or something) hanging off it. They take it to conferences. Looks great all painted up.

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Good idea about the TV! I think I’m just going to pre-record some gameplay with different games and have it looping in the background.

I’d like to build a “large arduboy” but that’s a lot of work :expressionless:


Haha ok, hmm… maybe the giant arduboy and then two banners on either side. Drop the banner in the front as it would cause obstruction.

Is there a better way to say “free open source games”

“indie 8-bit game originals”?

How do you describe what your arduboy game “is” to a layman when they ask what you are doing?

The public visiting there will probably better known with the term homebrew

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Maybe add a custom tablecloth too?

I’m gonna throw a banner in front of the tablecloth yeah.

That space is actually mostly wasted because a lot of the time the booth is crowded, but it is nice when there is nobody there…

Come visit booth 857 in Hall C!

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Updated draft,

Need to land on a color and a font.

Picture of home made DIY? You promoting that?

Of course! Like I mentioned before I’m already behind on promoting that on the front page of the website. People making their own hardware is a huge reason why Arduboy is what it is. It reinforces the educational side of the platform as well.

I view the mini having come from that ecosystem.

The odds of someone looking at the DIY possibility and being like “oh yeah I guess I’ll make one of these instead of buying it” is pretty low, especially considering it will be on sale :slight_smile:

But actually, could be funny to hand out instructions on how to make your own! Or sell them for $5! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Damn an inflatable costume costs $2,000 and requires 5-6 week lead time shoulda thought of that in advance.

So, something that has never occurred to me before about the Arduboy platform but, how much does the ability to self publish matter?

Maybe a better point for an event like GDC…