Possible Screen Glitch [Solved]

Hi. I’ve just received my Arduboy and when I switched it on I noticed that the brightness of some of the pixels on the screen occasionally seemed too bright. Upon further investigation I found that if a horizontal line consists of a long sequence of black pixels followed by a short sequence of white pixels, the white pixels appear much brighter then normal. It’s kind of off-putting. Is this normal, or is my led display slightly messed up?

I’m not sure mines arriving soon but my guess is the pixels are still getting use to their job or you could have bum and you could get a new one and send back the old one I’m not sure how it works

The way the screen is designed, if you have an entirely white screen with some black pixels, you’ll see some other pixels dimmer than they should be. However, it shouldn’t be really noticeable. It may be really hard to get a good picture, but are you able to take a photo to help us understand if your situation is out of the ordinary?

Thanks for the replies.

Sorry I couldn’t get a better image:

The diagonal banding is just flicker from the camera and screen, the red arrows point to the horizontal lines with brighter pixels. The image doesn’t really indicate how much brighter the pixels are, hopefully you can still pick them out in my terrible picture. The more black pixels in a line the brighter the other pixels on that line become.

Is this normal?

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Yes, it seems to be a characteristic of the display.

To minimise the problem, encourage people to write games that have white objects on a black background. (This will extend battery life as well.)

Thanks for the information.

I would say that it’s normal, but it’s hard to tell in your pic if your screen’s out of the ordinary. My screen does it, but it’s barely noticeable.

we could wait for a new bios that will try to fix it.

Ok. I’ll learn to live with it. Just thought I’d make sure my screen wasn’t dodgy.

I’ve been following the posts on the community section for quite a while (whilst waiting for my pre-order), and am big fans of both of your posts crait and MLXXXp, just thought I’d put that out there. Keep up the good work.


Whoa! I have a fan?? :heart: :heart:

Hope you’re enjoying your Arduboy! Feel free to stick around and get involved in more conversations.

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There’s no way to fix it in software. The display has a built in controller that displays what you put in its on board RAM buffer. The firmware in the display controller can’t be updated.

It’s possible that it’s due to poor regulation of the power supply that powers the display OLEDs. If this is the case then changing the values of one or more of the charge pump capacitors may help.

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I wish I had the time. I have too much coding to do (I might start making an RPG, though I’m not sure it’s worth trying to compete with your or DSSiege11’s versions).

The issue you are seeing is unfortunatly normal. It is a limitation of the OLED technology. We tried many different vendors and configurations for the screen. We even tried providing it with it’s own power supply to see if that would resolve it but it’s just the way things are.

In general, we actually like to recommend developers avoid doing white fills because the artifacts generated. It also uses dramatically more power as well!

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There usually is a price for beauty :wink: haha

And yet you’re shipping the current Arduboys with a game that does this. :wink:

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