Posting a Link to upload a program with Arduboy Uploader?

Would it be possible to make a link where you can upload a program to an arduboy via the arduboy uploader application on these forums? Using any type of url linking with the arduboy: prefix results in a non-working link. Is there any way to make it work so that you can just click somewhere in the page to upload a game?

Working on trying to allow hex files to be posted first, Integration with the emulator and the uploaded is something that is planned but lots of little other things keep getting in the way.

Good suggestion, we are working on it!

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The problem is that every operating system has a different way of registering URL prefixes (officially called “URI Schemes”), and they usually require admin priveleges.

Here’s how to do it for Windows:

And there’s an example of someone doing it for Ubuntu here:

This one’s particularly useful:

Even then, there’s more than one way to upload a .hex file,
and more than one program that handles .arduboy files,
so it would have to be configurable per program.