Posting High Score (some ideas)

I was thinking of an easy way of posting High Scores on the internet and collecting them on the Arduboy site (or somewhere else)

These days almost everyone has a smartphone or computer with a webcam. People could just take a picture and post it on twitter for example. All you would need is some hashtags like

#Arduboy #HighScore #ECOMD

Where the last hashtag is the game’s short name.

One can make a twitter widget that searches on that exact combination and include that timeline in a webpage.

If ever there was a task for an IRC bot, this is it ; )

@ekem could you explain how that would work ? What would the IRC bot do? How will it show others the High Scores?

(I was thinking of people making a picture of their Arduboy)

One thing people do with IRC channels is create an announce channel.
Say you wanted to offer a place for people to post their high scores, you could offer an irc channel where a bot sits and listens for calls like !add user: monkeyman score: 200. You would have to do some wrangling for it to be secure though. That is more of a fun project, you can look up for how botnets communicate with computers in their network for more info I guess.

A more practical approach would be to offer and API at a domain, and provide hashes/api keys to anyone who registers. Games could ask a player to define their API key somewhere in the game source. When high score information is gathered, and given to something with an internet connection, a PUT request is made by the machine to the ‘score server’, with the high score and API key as the payload.

The magic will be in syncing the high scores from the unit to the local computer to be pushed. I mean you could save the sync data in like ~/.arduboy/scores.txt but you still have to either build a client or ask the user to upload the scores to a website.

@ekem sounds complicated for the simple gamer … ?

take picture => upload + hashtag

seems so much simpler seems to find all entries on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+.

Hey, you easily verify the score with the image, that’s for sure. Hard to aggregate image files though.

did you try the link?

let me repost the link with a hashtag filled out. now click it and see what happens :wink:

Yeah, the image route is a good route. Just difficult to like, say, sort the list of scores etc. And no, ad-blocker makes that page just sit there loading : (

Let’s try and explore this option some. I’ve created an account on Twitter.

Let’s see if we can get a place where people post scores. I’ll see if twitter has some way to make a project twitter.

It does have a public api, so we can maybe pull some of the info to generate states?

Anywhoooo :confetti_ball: Tweet a photo of your high scores @ArduboyScores to win badges! :confetti_ball: :100: :gift:

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Then people should know how to post their tweet. They should include:

#gamenameShort (like ECOMD BLBA BGEM SHRUN RMH)

I’ll post some highscores like that today for each game.

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If we did get serious about using the data, we would probably want a list of alternate strings for a game.

"Blob Attack"
  - "BLBA"
  - "blbattck"
  - "blbattack"
  - etc.

Or some regex expression. But the less work a user has to do, or the less you rely upon then reading some instructions, the better the service tends to work. But… just details :sunny:

Good luck with users and these crazy short names.

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That’s one of the big reasons I’ve never used a hash except to refer to an IRC channel : )

Even if we never try to organize the data, a place to post scores could still just be fun.