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@Vampirics and I have a little website we have been maintaining for over a year now … I think in that time about 4 people have visited, so its time to give it a little nudge. Currently there are over 30 Arduboy games and utilities, 23 Pokitto games and a sole, lonely Thumby game.


Is there anything on the site that is not here on the Arduboy site?


Will you be releasing new content on that site first?


Can I make suggestions or ask for improvements on your games?


Can I buy merchandise?


Can I get hints on how to cheat in your games?


Can I leave feedback on the site?


Are there any plans to make the site useful?

Yes! … err actually No.


Great i have discover some of your non Arduboy games.
Note: i have not successfully got the zip on game the trials of Astarok (maybe the link is broken or i had something to do first)

I will have a look!

Not sure what you are saying exactly … can you not download the source zip file from GitHub?

For Arduboy > https://github.com/Press-Play-On-Tape/TrialsOfAstarok/archive/refs/tags/V1.0.5.zip

For Pokitto > Release Version 1.0.4 · Press-Play-On-Tape/TrialsOfAstarok_Pokitto · GitHub

I like the libraries section!


Great website!

Yes both links are working

Cool site! The emulator doesn’t work for me in Chrome on my Mac (it’s just black with nothing interactive) but it could very well be a setting I have in my browser.

The Prince of Arabia page still has “Prince of Persia” all over the place. I’m surprised you haven’t been carted away by the feds yet, though I’m not sure how that works in Australia.

:eyes: :farmer:

Oh, it doesn’t work on my Windows / Chrome combination either.


We are a colony of great-grand-children of criminals. We are above (or below?) the law.

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Does work on the cart site … so I must have done something really stupid.

Edit: I went to fix it and its working on Windows and on MacOS. Not sure what was happening there.

Maybe a big refresh?

Yeah, the classic SHIFT + F5 refresh fixed it. The high pitched tones from the intro tune blew my MacBook’s speakers straight out! Not actually, but I thought it was going to happen.