Pre-orders from website - when will they be sent?

Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows when orders placed on the Arduboy website will be shipped? Kevin had replied to a tweet I made several weeks ago suggesting shipping would start end of May/beginning of June, this was later backed up by an email from the website on 30th May saying they planned to start shipping in June. So far I’ve not received a notification from the website that they have shipped though.

Really looking forward to getting mine!



Hey, I’m in the same boat as you! Has anyone who per-ordered got theirs yet? Not including Kickstarter (lucky!) backers. As soon as I get mine, I will post some pics here.

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Should be very soon! Hopefully in the next week or two!

The last step is getting the new metal backs approved. We now have FCC, CE certifications and the packaging will be fully customs compliant which should make shipments arrive much faster.

We will email everyone as soon as they are ready!


Awesome, thanks Kevin…

Hi Kevin, if i make an order today, when will my Arduboy ship? Just trying to get an idea of how long the wait would be as I am considering getting one for myself and another as a birthday present for a friend. I can wait but obviously I can’t afford to mess up the timing for the gift.

Dear Arduboy team,
I didn’t received my shipment. The tracking system says “held by custom” brut I don’t know what does it mean. Pelas eletto me know


You make me really funny.
I order in June on the last Year in kickstarter and order on January a second Arduboy in Red and wait on and on, you order today and ask how long the time to arrive? rofl
Well, i think August are realistic, or Kevin?

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Hello Kevin!
One quick question, what will the email address look like for the tracking on the website preorder. Wouldn’t want that thing to go to spam. Also again thank you for your reply from the the kickstarter, genuine nice guys and gals your team are!

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" You make me really funny.
I order in June on the last Year in kickstarter and order on January a second Arduboy in Red and wait on and on, you order today and ask how long the time to arrive? rofl
Well, i think August are realistic, or Kevin? "

Yes, indeed. It would seem so that I made you really funny. Obviously English is not your first language, so I’ll explain:

I am thinking of placing two orders. One is for a gift. It is time critical. I am wondering how long it takes to ship. So I asked Kevin for an estimate. And that is funny to you?

Unless Kevin confirms otherwise, from your reply I am assuming that it would take at least a couple of months. In which case, it would be faster getting a Pi Zero and building my own PiBoy.

Well. Yes, it´s right. English are not mir first language, but i don´t think thats important.
I answer not correct, but i understand what you mean.

I’m getting better with my limited vocabulary around as with the Google Translator, which is a *itch that no one understands

Irony are lost by type any text.

I understand and cross the Finger for you to become the Arduboy very soon.
I see that no one here understands fun…
Slowly I can see more with when really no comments my Arduboy comes… - thats all.

Hey everyone just making an update here too…

The factory should be starting up in the next couple of weeks. I’m headed to China on July 20th so if it’s any later than that I’ll be there to handle it personally.

So we should be on track to get everything out by the end of July. Kickstarter needs only about another 50 units or so to be shipped out then that is done also!

We took some extra time to laser etch the FCC, CE, WEEE and Made in China on the back so it should get through customs much faster now!

Hang in there folks!

So @bateske just to recap you went from - ‘we plan to ship preorders in next two weeks’ that you wrote ten days ago to we will ship end of July? And how do you manage damage control here? do you ship extra perks or something?


I was wondering the exact same thing.

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Tokyo Maker Faire will get confusing when no shipping.

The first shipping plan was April…
I and pre-order people need your promise. :relaxed:

Well, after 10 days having had no response to my initial query (besides someone who rofl’ed at me) I read in between the lines from the various shipping posts here and realized that there is no precise date and commitment as to when Arduboy preorders will actually ship.

I picked up both a Pi Zero and a PocketCHIP in the meantime. Maybe I’ll check back in a few months when Arduboy actually is in stock for immediate shipping, then again if it’s gonna have “Made in China” on the back, I might give it a pass.

Hello, sorry for the delay in responding. We are finishing up production as we speak. There was a delay as we needed to update the product and packaging for customs compliance and so we can use a faster shipping provider.

It should be ready very soon, we are counting the days. We just finished shipping the kickstarter units the other day, hang in there!