Pre-Orders [Global Shipping Complete!]

Hey everyone, wanted to jump in real quick and let you know about some upgrades the pre-order units are getting. I felt it was appropriate to treat the people who waited so long for their Arduboys and also improve the offering to be more like what you would buy at a store! Getting professional here.

New Product Features:

  • Upgraded Screws (Panhead with thread lock adhesive)
  • Full FCC & CE Compliance (Easier customs clearance)
  • USB data cable included (turns out a lot of people have charge-only cables!)
  • NEW Leonardo bootloader (fixes the bug that made large games require a reset button to reprogram)
  • NEW Packaging Box (with UPC barcode! Legit!)

And as you are all probably wondering when exactly they will ship? Should be the next few weeks.

I came back to China to oversee the shipment myself, with me here I’m doing the best I can to represent you folks!

Tetris® MicroCard will also recieve these upgrades as well and will be shipping a few weeks after the Arduboy Pre-Orders.

Hang in there everyone and feel free to comment below on these upgrades. Thanks everyone!


That is great news boss!!

Since I received my Kickstarter edition, I have had all my colleagues in awe with the small form factor unit. I have sent them along to this page, so hopefully they have grabbed a preorder/order also. I am guessing that the LED orientation has been sorted now too?

If I can make a suggestion on the order page? Can you put the pictures of all the color models available?

Good job by the way, I love mine.

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Thanks so much for letting me know @DarthKegRaider it’s so nice to hear people enjoying their units. We deal with customer service all day long from people who have some issue with their unit or shipping so when people are loving it, we don’t always hear so.

Yeah we fixed the LED issue as well, I feel terrible about that. So does the factory, they realize they messed up. Thanks to everyone for being so cool and understanding about it. If you realize that kickstarter can absorb some small mistake like that, but if we had tried to go straight to retail we could have never sold those units and could have crashed the whole company!

Thanks for hanging in there everyone. After pre-orders go out we will have a couple thousand units in stock that will ship weekly from the east coast and should take only 5-7 days to arrive. If you are curious we are going to be using for fulfillment. Let’s see how it goes!


Probably a good time to mention that retail price will increase to $49 once we have the units in stock, so if you want to save $10 and don’t mind waiting… order today!

Thank you kindly for this update. I will make sure to add that to the safe list for the email, hate how important things go to spam. You and your team have been stellar and thank you again for your kindness on the Kickstarter. Proving that small (crossing fingers for large) business can do it right.

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@bateske, are the pre-orders being shipped all at the same time/same day? Or are there going to be any priority to it? Is a certain color going out first or is it in the order of pre-orders placed?

Not going to lie, though. I’m really bummed out about the extra wait time on these… I guess that gives me more time to work on my mock-ups so all I’ll have to do is convert my JS code to C when I get the Arduboy in.

We are producing 4,000 Arduboys in various colors, and 1,000 MicroCards. That entire batch will be shipped to our logistics providers warehouse in Pennsylvania. Once it arrives we will be submitting the entire pre-order list which is around 2,000+ people right now, and it should take them a day or two to ship them all.

It looks like we will be using USPS for domestic and DHL for international, but not everything is final. Avoiding using singapore post ever again (also no love for canda post). So for people in North America, shipping should take less than 3 days and internationally less than a week.

We are not going to ask the shipper to try and get them out in any particular order.

@crait I’m bummed too! But here is the deal, I’m going to choose to ship product late if I feel like it is worth the delay. Getting feedback from this community is an excellent way for me to judge if I’m doing things that are for you or not.

Every day that this thing doesn’t ship is another day that I’m left laying awake thinking of all the little things that need doing. And another day I have to respond to emails apologizing for the delay.

But like the Shigeru Miyamoto has been quoted (potentially erroneously) “A late game is only late until it ships. A bad game is bad until the end of time.”

Before kickstarter, I never ran my own business… it’s been my first time designing a product and managing it’s production. All the while learning to speak Chinese and traveling around the world promoting the product. All of you have made this opportunity possible for me and I do my very best to deliver. I’m very proud of the fact we are getting better as we go and that everyone seems to love the product. Woudn’t be here without all of you!

Thank you so much, so very close!


Very nice words, man. That somehow makes me feel better about this whole thing. :cry:

hey Kevin,

After reading this post of yours, I can only say I feel you, man.

Having gone through much the same thing I can only say, well done, hang tight, it can only get better, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else in the world. And always, keep it real, keep it honest.

And my 2 cents regarding shipping:

Please, for international shipping from the states, please do not use DHL or any of the other couriers (UPS, Fedex, etc.) or you will be getting a lot of very unhappy customers. They will be getting slapped with some paperwork, hidden admin costs and unnecessary taxes when they receive their Arduboys.

I have found in my experience that the best shipping solutions for small, cheap, and lightweight items to be good old USPS.

Why don’t you keep some stock in Hong Kong for your Asia-Pacific customers? Storage can be arranged cheaply with local fulfillment agencies there, with your quantities it won’t take up a lot of space.


I agree. For Canada at least, the brokerage fees and other charges that couriers make are usually far more than Canada Post charges when mailed via USPS.

And, having to be around to sign for an item or having to go to a courier depot to pick an item up can be more of a hassle than it just showing up in your mail box. Even if you miss being there for a “signature required” item, the Canada Post pickup location is often closer than any courier depot (It is for me).

Sounds amazing!!! been researching about Arduboy games and programming whilst waiting!! cant wait for Ardumon to come out also! hope to receive mine soon!!!

Will it ship directly from china to my location in Hong Kong or to you first then redirect?
thanks for the effort!

This is a nice proper update, thank you!

Please check the check out with credit card and not only pay pal method in the web site before raising the price. Thanks.

dont like pay pal :slight_smile:

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I ordered mine on the 21st of May and it’s still August and waiting… Does this mean that I will be getting my arduboy soon? Last time I received an update from you it said I would receive it in June…

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! The upgrades we made to the unit were in response to feedback, so we really love to hear about the store too.

We hear you! Ok, we will use USPS for Canada orders.

It would be nice, but that would mean paying for another warehouse, and the monthly cost doesn’t offset the marginal increase to ship from the USA. Once we start to grow we will certainly look at it. Our shipping partner shipwire helps us with making these decisions! (I also worked as a shipping logistics analyst in a previous life too)

We will ship to the USA in a bulk shipment using DHL, this will hopefully leave China next week and arrive the following. We will then have all of the pre-orders sent out from there. This is the most reasonable price for getting it to you fastest. If we shipped each by DHL it would be about $20 shipping each. Doing it this way keeps it within the budget of what we charged on shipping.

Another thing we are want to do is switch from flat rate shipping to directly calculated. Once we fully integrate with shipwire we can give you an exact quote for how much it will take to ship, and will give you options on carriers and service levels.

Yes we will add credit card! We actually had it before but credit card companies don’t like pre-orders so we took it down to play nice.

Also, around Christmas time we want to see about some kind of special deal, but not sure exactly what yet!

So we hope everyone will get theirs by the end of the month! We work hard on this every day for you, hang in there! Sorry to make you wait!


Hi, I pre-ordered from the UK some time back. I’m a little concerned about using a courier (non-postal service) for international shipping to the UK. Although it can be hit-and-miss, its very likely that the courier could hold any package until a handling and import duty are paid, around £15 ($20). Making it the most expensive Arduboy $20+$54 = $74… :frowning:

@scootmatt in your experience it sounds like USPS would have a better chance of not being charged dutys or taxes? My thought is that everything should go through customs all the same?

Perhaps USPS is the best option for the pre-order units, and we can offer express shipping once the stores go live for people who need it a few days faster and don’t mind to have to pay the taxes.

I’ll consult with our shipping partners.[quote=“Le_Dook, post:15, topic:2009”]
So will it be around 2 weeks till pre-orders close?

Yes give or take. We were told that the factory should finish production by the 12th, then ship to USA which should take 3-4 days. From there it will take 1-2 days for the warehouse to process it. Once we have it secured in our warehouse we will switch of pre-orders and go live at the same moment have about 2,000 units shipped out!

Oh, and here is a video we filmed at the factory while we were there. It’s not anything really new we have showed the test jigs programming before, but we had some fun with the video! Hope you like it!


In my experience everyting from outside the eu coming in the eu may be taxed, if the customs get their hands on it. In the same way it can be ignored by the customs, no matter what shipping I chose.
Because that is what they are doing. I don’t think there is a shipping service that gets their items taxed more than others, because that would be a messed up system.

Maybe there’s something different now that the UK left the Eu.

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People keep getting this wrong. We haven’t left yet.
There was a vote to see what the people wanted, but nobody has enacted article 50 yet, so until then we’re technically still in. Technically the prime minister doesn’t even have to enact it because the referrendum wasn’t legally binding, but obviously there would be a major uproar if that didn’t happen since it would effectively trivialise the importance of all future referrendums.

I can see how you might think we’ve left though given many people’s overzealous reactions and the people at the EU conferences deciding to shut our prime minister out of the proceedings.

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Yep, sorry.
Did not really think about it

That’s understandable. Many people out there are overreacting and giving out incorrect information.
The truth is that nobody knows what will happen yet because the government hasn’t decided anything and it probably won’t for a while. At the moment the only thing that’s actually noticeably changed is the exchange rate.

In terms of how it affects the Arduboy, the only thing that makes a difference at the moment is the exchange rate since it means Arduboy Inc’s US Dollars should theoretically stretch a bit further in terms of paying for delivery within the UK, and possibly shipping. I don’t know if that’s the reality or not though.