Presentation about the Arduboy

Hey guys!

I’m working on a presentation about the Arduboy.
I have to show the wiring and explain the hardware.
Do you guys maybe have some pictures of the wiring (didn’t find that much on google) and maybe some information about the hardware thats not written on the official page?

Thanks a lot.

Greetings, MaX

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Hey there, sounds like a fun topic :slight_smile:. Try the search feature in the upper right. I know there is at least one thread with the schematic posted.

A good portion of the schematic for the production Arduboy is here. It’s lacking the display components, the USB interface and the battery charging and power circuitry. The speaker is also missing, which is a piezo element placed across TP26 and TP27

@bateske has said that this is an open source project and thus should be publishing the full schematics (and also for the DevKit) but he’s been dragging his heels on this.

Detailed information on the ATmega32U4 processor used can be found in the ATmega32U4 datasheet.

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