Prince of Arabia Dev Log

In case it helps sway matters:

The real reason I like the left one is because the face is better established and matches the player’s face, thus giving a better sense of fighting an actual human opponent. The one on the right has a more ‘reduced’ face that looks a bit odd.

However, the hat on the left seems taller than the one on the right, which also looks a bit odd. I’m not sure if that’s just coincidental positioning of pixels though.

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I genuinely thought we were voting for which combat style we preferred.

I intitially went with left for being the more effective of the two, but then went with right after considering that it may be better for the npc to do more than just aggressively attack the player and diversify their combat a bit, so fights aren’t just a matter of who can swing their sword the fastest.


LOL … its supposed to be a turban.

Yes, the intent of the tweaking of the images from the first set to the second was to reduce the height of the ‘turban’ and actually try to differentiate the player and enemy a little. The ‘reduced’ face gives the enemy a different feel.

Oh, I wish it was greyscale. The 1bit graphics are hard work!

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I genuinely thought it was either a keffiyeh or some sort of pointed helmet (like a bascinet without the ‘accessories’).

Turbans would be hard to depict with so few pixels because what makes them distinctive is their creases and folds.

I don’t know how big your graphics are, but perhaps something like this might work? Turban
I find Turbans tend to be quite rounded, and usually don’t cover the back of the neck, just the head.

They certainly are.

Agreed … that’s sort of why I ditched them for a nondescript white blob.

Well that is basically what I have in the second set of images. Maybe mine comes down a pixel more on the back of the head. I might try this.

I am not sure why it is a turban and not some ‘more’ Persian head wear. Below is a snippet from the C64 version of the game. That looks like a turban to me.


I personally like the one on the right. The smaller face looks a lot better and more natural in my opinion.

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Did you vote?

I meant the sprites you were trialling looked like a keffiyeh or bascinet. I have no doubt the original used turbans.

That image actually illustrates what I mean about turbans being quite round.

A second attempt out of curiosity: Turban2

I’m hardly an expert. I only know what a keffiyeh is because of Animal Crossing.
(The bascinet I had to go hunting for - it was pretty much the only helmet I could find that matched the sort of shape I was imagining.)

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Yes it does.

As I said earlier, I might have another attempt at the headgear. I do know that whatever I do come up with that it will be pretty basic!

Took me a while to make the vote as I was used to the dude on the left.

Chose the right one as it looks proportionally more correct.
Funny thing is that I see the dude on the left now having a mohawk :joy:


Yeah but since there was so much conversation here I decided to chip in.

Just want to give a big congrats ahead of release to the entire development and testing teams. I unfortunately had to step away early from the project due to other life priorities, but I’ve been following the insane pace of github reports and updates. I can’t believe how productive you’ve been on this @filmote.

Can’t wait to try it out when I get a chance :heart:


Its been a team effort for sure. Without your level maps and tile graphics, this would not have even started!


Perhaps, but without you (and @Mr.Blinky) this certainly would NEVER have been finished. I haven’t had a look through the code in detail, but I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a great learning experience for sure - it’s been fascinating reading the back and forth on how you two have been tackling all the resource constraints and bugs along the way.

Cutscenes look amazing as well - much better than I’d originally thought they’d turn out initially. Was it @Vampirics that did those?

Can’t wait to play through it :slight_smile:

No … I take responsibility for those. (Good or bad!)

Ah yes, the average conversation when the teacher asks your group who did what :wink:

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Agreed, the cutscenes are awesome.

I wish we could do some more!

Released for the FX Game Jam!

Read all about it and download the code here.


Congratulation! I hope this will help to create even more cool things! :wink: