Prince of Arabia Dev Log

My anticipation to play this quadruples every time you post an update!

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Jan 17, 2023: The Last Level

Today I completed the design and implementation of the last level which (in my opinion) is a bit of an anti-climax after all the struggles the prince went through to get there. It is a simple galley with a few gates and buttons - no tricks, no enemies and not even a single jump.


But there is still a hundred things to complete, fix and improve.

Starting with these images …


I really am not liking this. Or these …



And definitely not this:


Actually, that’s pretty much anything I drew :frowning:


Looks so good tho! not sure why you think those graphics arent good.

The last instant of the game could be more climactic if there is a small slowness in the speed and the hair of the pricess moves when they reunite :stuck_out_tongue: or at least that is how I remember it

I am comparing them to the other graphics in the game. They just do not look as good :frowning:

Do you need any more tunes, maybe for the final victorious scene and the text explainer at the very end?

Why not? You an never gave too much of a good thing!

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They look great to me! They fit in with the other assets if you ask me. So excited to see this game so close to completion!

They look fine to me. Maybe they look better to you after a nights sleep :wink:

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Here’s a little tune for the final scene with the Princess. Still working on a track for the epilogue, which will probably be the longest and most involved one yet. (701 Bytes)


Awesome … the FX chip means we can have as many tunes as we like!


Before I mess with it even more, here’s the ending tune! It’s about 55 seconds long, hopefully about the same amount of time it will take a person to read the text on the final screen. Let me know if you’d like any changes made to it or if you come across any more spots in the game that can use a melody. (687 Bytes)


When converting this one, it dropped a note because it (presumably) overlapped another.

I have looked at the score in Aria and are guessing its here (in Bar 15):

Look at me pretending I know things about music.

Damn, sorry about that! I must’ve misaligned a note so that it falls on the same beat as another one. Should I fix it and resend it you?

I bet that’s the exact note in your screenshot. So the higher note just needs to be cut like a 32nd note shorter so it doesn’t overlap the one below it.

No problem … I just didn’t want to play with it. If you can fix it that would be awesome!

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Jan 21, 2023: Level 12 and 13

Level 12 is now finished. I have slightly modified it by adding a cross section between the two right hand pillars. This is because my code that tracks falling tiles is only a uint8_t and cannot handle tiles falling from the top levels right to the bottom on such a tall level. The addition does not change the game play at all.

I could change the code but it would mean increasing the size of the tracking field and this takes up valuable RAM. Will see how we go with it and I might circle back at the end if memory permits.

And another spoiler alert!

When you meet the shadow again on level 12, you end up fighting him but as he is your shadow each blow you make on him actually hurts you. If you return your sword to its scabbard, the shadow will do that too and you can now pass him.



That window is still bugging me.

Any opinions on these:

tile_dungeon_56tile_dungeon_57 image image image image image

I am thinking a darker one in the background would be a little more subtle than the original.

Original Window

New Window


All the artwork looks great. I do prefer the more subtle window; it’s more clearly a background object.

My thoughts exactly.

Agreed, the subtle window looks nicer but I think they’re all good.

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I have gone for the one on the far right (and shown in the lower picture).