Prince of Arabia Dev Log

strange, appears as 34 AUD for me

That is strange.

Maybe it factors in postage into the final price.Postage is free but of course included.

Time to add to the confusion:


Factoring in the cost of shipping would make sense.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some ridiculous legal loophole that allows them to say “the delivery is free but the shipping isn’t”, or to somehow claim ‘delivery included in price’ as “free delivery”.

I did wonder if it’s a tax thing, but from what I can tell Australia’s VAT is 10% while Britain’s is 20%, so unless there’s some other tax to factor in that seems unlikely.

There should be no other taxes … ours is actually called GST (Goods and Services Tax) but for all intents and purposes its the same as VAT.

I think that is exactly what they are doing. After all the delivery is not an additional charge so its ‘free’.

Using this approach, they can charge full delivery price on everything even when you order multiple items on a single order. The reality is that books are often shipped from different locations to the end user so there is no real way to have a discounted shipping charge for multiple items unless they happen to be coming from the same warehouse.

I noticed. I’ve seen some websites say “GST is a type of VAT” and other say “VAT is a type of GST”, and others say they’re different names for the same thing. I’m sticking with ‘VAT’ until I find something more definitive since it’s the more widely recognised of the two.

Canada, NZ, Signapore, India, Hong Kong, and (formlerly) Malaysia also use ‘GST’, so I get the impression the name ‘GST’ is predominantly a Pacific trend.

Yet most of the online retailers I’ve visited or dealt with have a standard delivery charge and a ‘free delivery for goods over a certain threshold price’ policy, for books as well as other goods.

Unless that extra ‘standard delivery charge’ is actually a ‘punishment charge for spending an unsatisfactorily small amount’ I’m clueless as to how they’re actually divvying up the price.

By that logic there shouldn’t be any such thing as an ‘additional charge’. Unless perhaps it’s a charge you can actively avoid somehow.

(I get the impression I’m not cynical or devious enough for a career in economics.)

At any rate, (desperately trying to stay on topic,) I wonder if it would be cheaper for someone else to buy you a copy and ship it to you by post.

I looked at the first 53 pages and unless their is more detail on how he made the game then I probably will not buy it.

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is super detailed about life stuff around the game, but not much about coding and such. I actually think it is too detailed, to the level that I would get annoyed talking with the guy :rofl:

for reference here taxes are 25% and that website is always cheaper than other offers. But this book made your Dev Log drift too offtopic :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that’s what I thought from the first pages. I am more interested in the development of the game itself.

Definitely avoid the book then. I still found it interesting since it does a good job of conveying the field of video games back then, but he does go into too much detail about other non-related things in his life. I was surprised he didn’t talk about specific programming things, and I think it’s because either he didn’t want to share any source code if it’s his property or whatever, or he wanted to make it more appealing to the general public. I’m assuming he wrote detailed things in his notebook while trying to work out programming problems, but maybe I’m wrong.

We have GST too, which is paired with PST (provincial sales tax) but in some places (like Ontario :flushed:) instead of those taxes, you pay HST (harmonized sales tax) which is basically the sum of PST and GST. So 5% GST and 8% PST is 13% HST. HST doesn’t add stuff, it’s just a simple way to pay taxes and stuff. Also, if there’s HST, there’s no GST and no PST. Also, if it’s a food item (idk, a Happy Meal?) that’s under $4, you don’t have to pay tax.

Answering your question in advance, yes, we did a tax unit in school.

I guess the above can answer this as well?

As for all the discussion about the book above, I think I might like it. I like it more when I get a general idea of how, rather than the do. Like for movement, something like “keep track of the player and modify their position” rather than “[insert movement code]”.

Oh yeah I also forgot to say congratulations for 169 posts (funny number) but I guess it’s too late now.

There’s nothing even that broad in the book about his programming technique with the game. I think the only time he ever mentions actual programming is when he talks about using XOR to flip the Prince graphic and create the Shadowman, and it’s really quick.

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I still wonder how they ever got the name ‘XORSHIFT.’ Sounds like something out of an Anime.

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Sorry, I’m careening off topic again…

I genuinely envy you. When I was at school we were taught next to nothing about tax or personal finance.

I probably would have hated it at the time, but I think that sort of thing is far more important than a large chunk of the academic trivia we were made to memorise.


(Though be warned: sometimes the devil is in the detail.)

It’s actually very mundane.

Xorshift is a 32-bit pseudorandom number generator that relies on the exclusive or (‘xor’) bitwise operator and the (left and right) bit shift operators. Hence xor + shift = xorshift.

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Jan 29, 2023: Another Transition

More transitions using the FX library and its awesome setFrame() and drawFrame() functions.



Feb 7, 2023: Beta Testing

We have finally started beta-testing the game!


And … surprise, surprise … it took @raspberrybrain and @Mr.Blinky about 10 seconds to come up with a bunch of issues that I had never seen. It just reminded me as a developer that you cannot effectively test your own code. I had recently played all levels of the game and managed to avoid all the issues they found!

Most of these issues will be solved with minimal effort and some will take a bit of testing and debugging. I have made a version of the code that allows the testers to jump back and forward between levels to make it easier for them to test and retest sections which I hope will allow them to accurately communicate issues.

I am getting excited … this game is getting dangerously close to being a reality!


You’ve even got a profiler/debugger now to try and use! What amazing times.


I only I knew what I was looking at in that assembler!

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I thought I was PPOT’s ‘special’ beta-tester!.. :laughing:

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@raspberrybrain, @Mr.Blinky and @Vampirics are all significantly contributing to the project so you can call it a ‘closed beta’ designed to iron out the most obvious of errors. Once we have done that, I would be happy for you to have a go as your feedback previously has been invaluable.


Feb 12, 2023: A diversion

I got so sick of this game that I have spent the weekend on another game … Its hard to spend you own free time on something week-in, week-out so I felt I needed the break.

Good thing is I will be back debugging over the next week!