Prince of Arabia FX

I think it would’ve been just fine with the tune you had originally. Mine is just simpler and fits a little better. I wonder if anyone will notice the tune that’s almost exactly taken from the Sands of Time game but sped up and shortened.


I played the GameCube version in the emulator (for education purpose I swear it must count as history right?) but I sucked but it was pretty nice.

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I have just updated the original post to add sound muting / unmuting functions.


That’s awesome! I was playing at like 8 pm and it was sort of loud (but it sounded great!) so I had to mute the Arduboy with B + Down.

It’s one of the best games of all time.


To be clear, I updated the instructions not the game itself. These are standard Arduboy library functions and apply to almost all games (except those that intentionally ignore the settings).


I just had a chance to upload this to my Arduboy. Really fantastic work! I love the attention to detail. Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback. I means a lot to the team to hear their work is appreciated.

Have you voted in the Jam?

Oh, no I hadn’t. Now I have!


Hope you voted for PoA!

Congrats on winning the Arduboy FX Game Jam!


I Have de noob question : it’s only available for the arduboy fx?
No way to install it on the classic arduboy?


yeah you can upload it to classic aruboy

How can I do ?
when I’m trying to install from my PC with Arduboy uploader, i have an error screen

No, you cannot upload this game to to a classic Arduboy. This game uses FX functionality which only the Arduboy FX has. Unless your classic Arduboy has an FX mod chip, you will not be able to play this game on that device.


You cannot install it on a classic arduboy. Not only is the hex file too large but it also requires the data stored in the fx chip.

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sadeness!!! :frowning_face:


You can always play it in the emulator, I guess.

You can upgrade your classic arduboy with a modchip though. Check the shop for availability.


what! you cannot upload the game on the classsic ardduboy cause I saw somewhere in this community that said iif I compile the .bin into a header file and then you can upload the code using the Arduino IDE. AM I WRONG!!!