Prince of Persia Dev Log

Tiled backgrounds from images and map stored on the FX

it looks like it’s time for me to port the fx library )

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Yes, yes, yes. The ideal resolution would be 120x86 … can you come near that?

any of 128x128 and less
could be more 320x240 but with additional attached display )

i think in the port of FX lib I’ll change W25Q128 access to EPS8266 PROGMEM or LittleFS or attach W25Q128 module

Nov 15, 2020: Cut Scene 1

One of the things that I love about Karateka and Prince of Persia is the extra effort Mechner took to create a story. I wanted to reproduce the cut scenes from and have completed the first …



Looks fantastic!! :star_struck:
(Sure you know, but you are missing a dot in some of your ellipsis ...)

Meh … two periods, three periods, who cares?

For some people, ellipsis are used to indicate missing words whereas a ‘..’ indicates a longer than normal pause. Please do not point me to any ‘official’ site that tells me that the double-period is not an official punctuation mark as I am much more progressive than these academics.


Perhaps it’s just my grammar OCD… :sweat_smile:
(A few computer languages use .. for concatenation and/or ranges, which adds to the confusion.)

What’s you grandma got to do with this?


I know its not an Arduboy, but Mechner himself has commented on PPOT’s Karateka.

Cannot wait to show him this PoP remake!


It’s a good guy. The fact he lives in France now prove it … :smiley: (Sorry a little out of subject) but yes, i think that he could find it amazing to make the game runing on so few ressources… and a comment from him would be amazing.

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LOL … I wonder if he has a French background. The wiki page says he ‘was born in New York City in 1964, into a family of European Jewish immigrants.’ not overly helpful in pinpointing a location.

Try going a step up the tree, to Francis Mechner:

Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1931, Mechner came to the United States in 1944 after having spent three years in France and over two years in Cuba. By age 19 he was an accomplished classical concert pianist, portrait painter, and USCF-rated chess master. In the late 1980s he composed the soundtracks for the original versions of Karateka and Prince of Persia (video games) both developed by his oldest son Jordan Mechner.

Right … I am not a Mechner stalker!

The concert pianist is interesting as I was already aware that he wrote the soundtracks for the two games. A quick skim if the linked page shows he was very accomplished in a number of areas. Amazing family!

Curious about the statement ‘oldest son’ … I wonder if any other sons or daughters did anything famous. Or were they classic ‘shit siblings’?

I have to say I’m really impressed with how you’ve managed to capture the spirit of Prince of Persia and make it fit for the 128x64 monochrome display. I had previously wondered if a PoP Arduboy port was possible now with the FX chip.

PoP was one of my favourite games growing up so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this!


Thanks … a lot of the feel within the levels comes from the graphics that @clintonium-119 put together. The titles sequences and other graphics was done by @Vampirics … the bad graphics were done by me :slight_smile:

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The Wikipedia contributors who dig up the personal details might be though.

Often exceptional parents produce exceptional children, be it through inherited resources, instilled values, shared lifestyle, or, if one is feeling sceptical, nepotism.

(Much as I’m tempted to start rambling about other famous families, I doubt anyone wants to read it, so I shalln’t.)

Meanwhile we peasants have to make do with mediocre relatives.

I thought you said you weren’t a Mechner stalker?