Prince of Persia Dev Log

@filmote Here it is again, should be good this time. (682 Bytes)

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I think the new one looks great, or the number 3 too with the double line of “shadow”.

BTW funny to compare devlogs:


Suspect his is a little more professional than mine!

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I have that book, it’s very interesting. I still can’t believe he was in his early 20s when he made this game.

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I was going to buy that book but the freight to Australia was too much. Good is it?

He doesn’t go into a lot of in-depth programming techniques or anything, it’s much more high level stuff. But still very interesting, especially when it involves how the system he was building it for (Apple II) was on its way out and it originally didn’t sell much despite all its critical praise. He talks a lot about how he was also trying to write a script for a Hollywood movie while making the game and that stuff was a little less interesting. You can also get the PDF or ePub version from his site for $7.99 USD. here is free shipping worldwide, and usually no taxes on books.

Meant to respond, yes its perfect this time!

Yes, I have heard that before. An because it was all written in assembler, it would have been a decent job to migrate it to another platform. Of course, it was to many, many platforms.

Must have been demotivating to know the platform was slowly dying when you are writing a killer game.

Its still $45 (AUD) … I will have to save my pennys.

If you think that’s bad, I’ve yet to find a copy of ‘The Dragon Book’ (“Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools”) for anything less than £40 ($69.70). Most I can find are more like £70 ($121.98). Aho, Lam, Sethi, and Ullman must be rolling in it by now (or perhaps just their publisher(s)).

If you’re feeling especially cheap or impatient, Mechner provided the first 53 pages as a free preview.

Yeah, I think that sums me up!

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I can relate.

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Jan 29, 2023: Stuff and more stuff

So we are now in the game play tuning and debugging phase.

I did create an exit scene using the new frame stuff that @Mr.Blinky created in the FX library. Its really easy and uses so little PROGMEM that its now criminal not to include cut scenes for everything.


Also, tweaked the in game menu to include a clear setting so you can actually clear the saved game. I guess you could do that by starting a new game and simply saving the game right at the start to overwrite the previously saved game but I like menus :slight_smile:



Amazing! Does it save the game at the exact point you’re at? Or start at the beginning of the level if you turn off the device and load the game?

Well … we are debating that. At the moment it saves at the exact point but I am thinking that might be too easy.

We could save at the start of the level or … deduct a minute or two every time you save.

I personally love the sound of being able to save it at the exact moment. This game is so difficult as it is that I don’t see a problem with being able to save before a particularly tough section and load it right there if you keep failing at it. It would be like using a save state in emulation, which a lot of people are used to having now to make these classic games less infuriatingly difficult.

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Problem with saving at the exact point where you are is that if you save in a bad spot you could potentially get stuck accidentally.


Very true. Maybe a save at the beginning of each level would be good then. I don’t think taking away precious minutes from the clock would be very nice. That timer already stresses me out to no end.


So true … and I have done it many times while testing this myself.

Well, that’s supported already (with the save at exact moment).

Its a compromise … but maybe its too cruel.

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Will these be skippable with a button press?.. :pray:
(On the 10th viewing, they become less appealing… for me at least!..)

Yes, yes and yes … but they are not that frequent that it should be an issue,

Once you get to them, you will feel a sense of achievement and can spare the ~15 seconds.