Pro Micro not being recognized by IDE

Hi. If you have a Linux computer (or a chromebook) and if you made a clone with a pro micro then this thread is for you. So if it isn’t recognized y your computer then everything will be here.Pro Micro & Fio V3 Hookup Guide - special thanks to @MLXXXp . After you make your computer recognize it but the IDE doesn’t, then use this line of code in the terminal
sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER
Hope this helped you like it helped me!

Just so you know, this isn’t exclusive to the pro micro! The issue is that the IDE doesn’t have permissions to write to a microcontroller. A lot of times when installing the IDE on a Linux machine, you are not prompted to change the permissions by the UI, but everything else will run smoothly because it doesn’t need those permissions… until you try to upload. I’ve run into this with a few different computers running Linux (usually latest stable v. of Ubuntu), so if anyone finds after a fresh install of the IDE that they can’t upload to any board, definitely execute that command to change the usermod permissions. Lots of guides on installing the IDE now include that as a last step because the issue is so commonplace, even though there’s supposed to be a script prompting you to change it through GUI instead of terminal.

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