Problem Downloading .ino [Solved]

But I don’t know how. I open the V1.0 .INO link.

That’s the file that Edge is trying to display as a webpage, for some reason. You can usually right-click on links in Edge and click on the “Save target as…” option to save the file to your computer. Do that. :slight_smile:

Its save a Internet shortcut to the link.

I guess your option is to rename the file after you’ve downloaded it.

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So you mean name it MidnightWild.INO . I did that and it did not work.

It’s possible that renaming it won’t work because you are not removing the .HTML extension. Use this blog post to help understand how to view and rename the file, properly:

It done not have info for Windows 10.

This will show you how to do it for Windows 10:

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Got it. its so cool how many level are there? Can I go in stores?

Great! There are infinite levels! They’re randomly generated and the levels just get longer. :slight_smile:

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