Problems on Arduboy


hey there guys, whenever i turn on my arduboy,this is what happens. I’m new to this so i only have 1 game. sometimes not as many dots appear but sometimes other things happen. what should i do?

Screen glitches [Solved]
(Holmes) #2

What game did you try to install? Have you tried installing another game? What kind of computer do you have?


i have not installed any games but i have tried i have a MacBook pro

(Holmes) #4

Do you mind installing a new game to see if it works or not? You can use this guide if you don’t know how to do it.


tried it won’t work i tried many games too

(Kevin) #6

If it came out of the box like this then we can try to help, reach out to us at and we will respond via email.

(Howard Katz) #7

I just got mine today and everything was fine but now the screen will not go on!!!

(Kevin) #8

@Howard_Katz Is it just the screen or does it not turn on at all? If you’re having problem with your unit you can reach us at and let us know we can try to help.