Problems uploading games with custom uploader

Me too, I can only manually upload .hex files - links from websites like show that error, only I’ve had it for all the time I’ve had the Arduboy (~3 months.)

For me it’s eried’s Arduboy Uploader. Strangely enough, the Arduino IDE and, as I mentioned earlier, .hex files uploaded manually work just fine.

I mean, I’m clicking the “Upload to Arduboy” button on that site. Arduino IDE does work (for source code) and so does the Arduboy Uploader if I manually “Save Link As…” a .hex and upload that. Flashlight mode doesn’t fix the problem with “arduboy:” links.

Strange, it’s some kind of issue on your machine it sounds like perhaps permissions related or something? If downloading it manually works then everything is fine on the hardware side.

Which browser are you using? You might try a different one maybe and see if it still happens?

@eried Any idea why that wouldn’t work?

If it’s just arduboy: links that aren’t working, it could be a network error, or it might not be set up properly so the links might not be getting passed on to the uploader.

From what I gather, there’s a registry key somewhere that dictates how custom URL schemes (like arduboy:) are handled, but I’d have to double-check what it was. You would need admin permissions to edit it.

This isn’t really THAT important - I can still get games manually. If it doesn’t work, it’s not a big deal. But I guess we could try these suggestions tomorrow! (This is all on my personal computer, I have admin. Also, I’m using the latest Firefox. Maybe I could try Chrome?)

Stay with Firefox. Chrome is owned by the devil :slight_smile:


While the current release of ArduManFX isn’t able to build/upload flash carts (coming soon) it does download a local copy of eried’s repo and you can upload games right from it. Might be easier for uploading games from the repo. There’s binaries available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Hm, okay! Can you give me a link?

There’s a topic here on the forum for it.

The github lonk is in the top post.

Awesome, trying it out!

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It loads, but I see “Network Error 301” in the bottom left corner after just one game loads. What does that mean?

Ah, I think its having ssl issues with some of the downloads with githubs changes. The latest version that’s nearly complete fixes that. It only seemed to happen on occassions, but I was able to reproduce it and fix it.

How do I compile it from all the stuff on GitHub? I don’t see anything that I can run.

It says there’s a binary somewhere but I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and it’s nowhere to be found.

Compiling requires Qt5 and uses Qt’s qmake. The setup depends on your system. I’m not sure if the latest push to github is stable though.

EDIT: if you grabbed the binaries from the forum links they’re the old ones with the random 301 error.

On github go to “Releases” on the right and then you should see the latest binaries.

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NOW it works. Thank you!

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I’m just VERY new to GitHub, sorry if I wasted your time. But we got this to work!

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No worries. Lots of people are new to something here, be it coding, arduino, art, etc. There’s always plenty of people willing to help. Just took me a minute to realise you got the binaries from the links in the forum instead of the latest release on github.

Helping others is never a “waste of time” in my book :grin:.

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Alright, good! Thank you for your time.

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