Problems with Arduventure Arduboy


I have a kickstarter Arduventure Arduboy and I recently updated it from the included version to the latest version of Arduventure.

Now the red charging LED blinks when plugged into USB, both when power is on or off, rather than stay solid when charging like it did before.

I’ve drained the battery and left it overnight and plugged it in with power off and it still just blinks.

I think it’s charging the battery but not 100% sure.

Is this a known behavior with the upgraded version? If I go into “Upload” mode the light goes solid (and I see the USB device) but once I let it go back into the game (or power off) it just blinks.


The red LED blinks? This is unusual. Does the device still work as it should?

I’ve never seen a blinking LED… it could potentially signal a problem with the battery but does it work?

It does work (powers on without being hooked up to USB) I don’t know how to tell battery health (% charged, etC) I’ll leave it on and try to make a note of how long it lasts and report back.

It turned off after about 45 minutes but turned back on when I toggled power.

I unplugged and plugged it back in and the battery LED was solid and then blinked quickly and then blinked slowly.

I treid loading another sketch (ardynia) to see if it was related to the striped-down bootloader in Arduventure but it’s still doing the same thing. Is the battery user replaceable?

Is it blinking or is it flickering because blinking kind of indicates it is doing it on a regular interval.

If the flashes are unpredictable then it might be a damaged battery connector.

There is no way that the code can effect the operation of the red led, it is only connected to the battery charging chip.

If the Arduboy exhibits any other strange behavior besides the LED (turns off, when it shouldnt… which sounds like it is doing) just write into and let me know and I can help you from there.

Sorry for the trouble!

I reached out through the contact form, thanks for the help!

(to summarize, the battery LED, when starting from empty (or nearly empty) is sold, then blinks quickly (at a regular interval) and then as charging goes on, the blinking slows down (the lit time is the same, the gap between gradually grows until it’s about 1 second a part and stays that way.

From this state (ie plugged in for ~10-12 hours and then turned on ) it runs for 15-20 minutes before shutting off.

I’m pretty sure something has failed in the battery or the charging circuit, I’ve never seen or heard this behavior before.

If you can take a video it would be interesting to see.

The first one is the first pattern after solid. it is blinking quickly and regularly even tho it looks a bit irregular in the video. The 2nd is about an hour into charging and the last is “fully charged”

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Hi, was this issue ever solved? I am having exactly the same issue. Also after installing Arduventure.

It happening after installing Arduventure I can assure you is only a coincidence.

The red LED is only controlled by the battery charging circuit. The led is illuminated when it is charging the battery. As long as the performance of the Arduboy is fine… meaning it still charges and works ok, it’s not a problem.

If you are very annoyed by it and want to see about repairing or replacing it write into and let me know where you bought it from.