Programmer ^ 2

We’ve come along ways folks.


That looks rigged :slight_smile:

Excuse my ignorance - what is it? I assume it allows you to program 3 mod chips at a time? But what are the cutouts on the left board and the ‘profile’ thing on the lower right?

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My joke was that looks like a manufacturing rig used to program and test boards during production, a key step of delivering lots of FX mod chips to us happy users.

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Glad you explained that to me …it went right over my head!

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By the way the reason it’s a programmer programmer is because the attiny programs the 32u4 so the mod chip contains a programmer.

And actually I guess the math is more difficult than that because it’s actually programmer^(programmer*3)

Or is it (programmer*3)^programmer


If the power stays on I can start shipping on Monday!

UPDATE: The power went out :frowning:


You know what to do, time to hop on the hamster wheel :P: