Programming language for Arduboy?

I just got my Arduboy and was hoping to find out what programming language this lil’ guy uses. I got the Arduino software and have been able to download a few test games (thanks to the folks here in the forums), but I don’t know what language this is coded in. I was kinda hoping to teach myself a bit of programming with the Arduboy so any help would be great!

Hey there, the language is C/C++ : )


Arduboy is coded in the language C.
Here are some good resources…

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It’s just without the libs of modern C++ so that it looks and behaves a lot like C. But in the end its C++ you could choose either however. For the Arduboy note the .cpp file extension indicating a cpp source file (or lets hope anyway).

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Sweet! i had bought several books back about a decade ago for C/C++ programming, so I’m looking forward to finally using them!

Hang on… that’s Gamebuino’s wiki! I don’t think Arduboy has all of those functions available, does it?

Welcome to the community!

Here is a link to basic non-arduboy references, some of them are very handy.

and here is a post from uncleSporky about all the arduboy specific functions (might be a little outdated) Reference Page for Development

those two links should get you started, the rest is just learning c/c++

If you are interested in all of the functions available to you see dragulas links above and then check out this header file:

The Arduboy will use any functions from Arduinos core library -, and then anything found in the header file above.

The individuals involved in the codebase of Arduboy have not included their documentation online yet. I suggested the use of doxygen to generate some clear and concise docs. Anyone making PRs can help by reading up on

I’m dead serious about that. All it would take is a few PR’s including the comments for the documentation in the header file and I can generate them for everyone and put them online, or you can generate them for yourselves.

No, that api is specific to their codebase. One could fashion an interface if they were really into it.

The Geek Ammo/Sparkfun MicroView, another Arduino plus OLED based Kickstarter project that I’ve done some work on, used Doxygen to document their library. It seems to have worked fairly well.

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