Programming tutorial

Is there a good tutorial on how to code for an arduboy? I don’t know how to code, but my boys who I got the arduboy for are eager to start.


Sure! We don’t have a step by step done quite yet, but I would follow the quickstart guide and then check out some of the examples, they are commented really well and @MLXXXp has essentially embedded a guide in the comments for each example. Here is the hello world example

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I wish for list of documents or wiki.
I think it to be necessary for a new developer.

Related documents

Language Reference
Arduboy Web-based bitmap editor


I gathered up a link here. It is updated regularly. :smiley:

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Are the link descriptions auto-pulled? My API page documents all the existing classes in the 1.1 release, not just ArduboyCore.

(There’s also, from the same thread, a set of reference and help pages that didn’t make your list.)

No, it will be updated manually.
I delete the description, added a link.

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Feel free to use the Wiki feature of the platform if you like, a new topic can be created in the #arduboy:guides section and made a wiki.

Sorry, I could not found a wiki. Where is it?

After creating a post, at the bottom of the post there will be a wrench icon. If you click that wrench icon it will reveal further actions. One of which is the option to make the topic a wiki.

If you do not have this option, please let me know :smiley: I may need to bump your permissions up. Thanks for giving it a go!

Here is a picture, my panel has a few more options, but is about the same. This action will only work for your post, but for admins, any topic an be made a wiki.

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Thank you for information.
Icon was not found. Please change setting.” link moved of

This link will be updated in the future :smiley: