Project ABE on Mac OS Big Sur

I am having trouble with Project ABE occasionally bombing out on Big Sur (well I think it has started since I upgraded). Is it possible to update the underlying nwjs or any other dependencies?

Simply updating NWJS should help. I’ll give it a try to see if anything breaks in the process.

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Are you running big sur? I think it is a problem with this is but cannot be sure.

Yes… Well, 99% of the time I’m running Ubuntu, which is why I hadn’t noticed any issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any luck?

Is it just a case of copying the files from the new distribution over the top of the previous ones? Or will I break it doing that?

I have attempted swapping the NWJS file (it is only one file on Mac) but on Big Sur I am now getting a permission error.

I have changed the permissions on the new file to all privs but no luck!

Also is there a way to swap the font used on the serial monitor to be smaller and a fixed width font?

I apologize in advance for writing here. I do not want to open a new topic for this. I have a very slow ABE emulator on android, at a time when everything is in order on the iPhone. Tell me, what could be the matter?
… Oh, I think I got it! Now I tried it on another phone on android. Everything works perfectly. Apparently my huawei 20 lite cannot run even such simple games🤦‍♂️

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@FManga … sorry to call you but any ideas?