ProjectABE (ArduBoy Emulator) released!

(Felipe Manga) #325

I already did, I just need to fix some other issues before I can release a build.

(Simon) #326

One thing I have noticed with the offline edition is that after dragging an .ino file to the app, it sometimes comes up with a white screen and freezes. This occurs regularly when you are building / debugging and replacing the running game with a new version of the same .ino,

(Felipe Manga) #327

ino file? Don’t you mean hex? Does the same thing happen with the online version?
I’ll try to replicate this on a Mac at work, as soon as I get a chance.

(Simon) #328

Yes sorry .HEX file.

To be honest, I have not tried it on the online version.

(Felipe Manga) #329

Ah, ok. A lot of code has changed since the last release builds, so it’s possible the problem isn’t there anymore.

While I’m at it: Is anyone using the IDE/debugger? Would anyone mind if I removed it? An IDE is a lot of work, people have their own and they’re forced to have the Arduino IDE installed because of drivers anyway. It’d be simpler to just implement GDB support.

(Simon) #330

I don’t use it personally.

(Alex) #331

I want an easy way to go from the arduino ide straight to the abe emulator, the only solution I could think of is associate .ino with the program and build straight after opening, any other ideas?

(Felipe Manga) #332

Associate the program with hex files. After a build, double-click that. When you make a new build, the emulator should reload automatically.

(Simon) #333

Can the emulator detect that the associated .HEX file has changed and refresh itself? That would be cool.

(Felipe Manga) #334

Yes, it does that. I haven’t tested it on a Mac, though.

(Alex) #335

so uh how do I associate the file type, do you do it in-app or…

(Felipe Manga) #336

For now, the regular windows way: Right click the file, Open With, etc.

Edit: At least, I think that’s the way. I’ve been using Linux. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Simon) #337

Seriously? I have been dragging the HEX file manually each time as I haven’t noticed it restarting. Is that in a yet to be released version?

All the cool guys are on Macs (and me)

(Felipe Manga) #338

Auto-reload doesn’t work with drag-and-drop, unfortunately. When you drop a file in, the emulator gets the contents of the file instead of a path to it, so it can’t watch the file.

(Simon) #339

Ah … so I have to ‘Open With’ ?

(Felipe Manga) #340

I think so, but MacOS often likes to think different.

(Alex) #341

It works, but the sound isnt working.

(Felipe Manga) #342

Some sound libraries need processor features that are still in progress.
Does it work with 1943?

(Alex) #343

Im using arduboytones.

(Felipe Manga) #344

Are you sure sound is enabled? Each time you run a hex, the emulator starts with a blank EEPROM, which means, by default, sound is off.