ProjectABE (ArduBoy Emulator) released!

(Felipe Manga) #365


Will do. Would you happen to have a simple hex file I can test on?

(Ignacio Viña) #366


You can use any sample of my library ArdVoice
Also, I included the PCM mode sound in a proof of concept game called Ardletics

Please, write me a direct message if you need more info. Thanks!

(Felipe Manga) #367

I’ll give it a look soon. I haven’t done much with audio after the basic implementation because I wasn’t too happy with the quality. Time to take another stab at it.

(Scott) #368

Any word on storing the EEPROM?

(Felipe Manga) #369

I haven’t gotten to it, yet. The refactor I’m doing took priority as it was necessary to make things like this easier to implement. Also, I assumed people wouldn’t be trying to complete long games in the emulator instead of real hardware, so it’d be less important than features like audio.

This month has been really busy and I haven’t been able to progress as much as I’d like.

(Scott) #370

It’s also important for developers wanting to bypass the boot logo, for quicker development, by setting the system EEPROM flag that does this.

(Felipe Manga) #371

That’s true. I’ll try to fit it into the next release.


im having an issue where when i start up the standalone the names of the buttons and the scripts do not show up but the buttons are there and so are the folderization dropdowns of the scripts i paste inside… do you know what could be cause of this issue? v0.7.8

(Felipe Manga) #373

That’s a new one, I’ve never seen that happen before. o_O
What OS are you on?


sorry i didn’t put it earlier

(Holmes) #375

VBA allows you to use filters and I think some of them look just fantastic. This is the xBRZ 6x filter applied.

Here is the original:

I remember playing a bunch of really nice DMG/GBC games with this filter, too. Mainly Pokemon TCG.

(Felipe Manga) #376

Yeah, they look great on games with color. Have you been able to find any filters that work well with 1-bit graphics though? In my testing with screenshots they produced a bunch of artifacts and they didn’t know what to do with dithering. I ended up giving up on that idea.

(Holmes) #377

I do remember this same filter looking pretty good with the Pokemon TCG that uses a lot of 1-bit graphics. I should grab some screenshots to compare.


I think I might have missed it, but is it possible to take a 1:1 screenshot of the Arduboy display only (not an animated gif)?

(Felipe Manga) #379

Pressing P takes a PNG screenshot, but that’s 2:1. I didn’t make a 1:1 option, but you should be able to resize it using nearest neighbor without problems.


Thanks! I discovered it didn’t work in the offline version. But works nicely in browser version. The ratio seems to be 4:1 but that’s no problem. (using irfanview for conversion) This will be very helpful for creating title screens :slight_smile:

(Felipe Manga) #381

Really? What version are you using? I just tested with v0.8.10 and it worked. :confused:


That explains it! I tested with 7.8 I thought it was the latest but now I know my browser cache fooled me :blush:

(Simon) #383

I love the new version … but can I make a suggestion or two?

Can the log file be smaller text and a fixed-width font like ‘courier’?

I have also found that if you drop a new HEX file onto ABE, there appears to be old data in the log from the previous iteration. It would probably make sense to clear the log when you drop a new HEX file or ABE detects that the HEX file has changed and restarts.

Edit: Actually, I have had mixed results with this and cannot understand when it happens. Sometimes I get a message

removing client 2
1 <-: REMOVE 2
adding client

… other times I don’t seem to get it. When I get this, it seems to correctly start logging. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to work.

I also have found that after loading a number of HEX files one after the other it eventually craps out and I have to close ABE and restart it. I am using a Mac and it does not automatically refresh after a HEX file is recompiled so that may be related.

(Felipe Manga) #384

Thanks for testing it! Suggestions are always welcome. :smile:

The font was supposed to be fixed-width, I must have missed a spot.

The “client” messages are from the multiplayer message router. 1 remove 2 being a notification to player 1 that player 2 (out of 255) has disconnected… probably shouldn’t happen unless you had an Arduboy plugged in when you reset the hex. I’ll try disabling it to see if it makes any difference.

I noticed the problem where it craps out and I’ve been working on it, but I’ve had very little free time lately and the previous release is really old, so I decided to make that pre-release build.

How are you running the emulator? From the command-line?