ProjectABE (ArduBoy Emulator)

Correct, I migrated to Firefox after trying that new version (my last time with FF was around 2009). New version feels snappier in the phone and PC

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Wow … that’s really cool.
Firefox on Mac OSX.
59 pm

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I haven’t really used firefox in a few years, so I didn’t know about the update.
On my PC there was no notable difference, games run at about 60fps. Except for some stuttering when the emulator’s JIT is warming up.
On my Android phone, performance on Chrome was much better than Firefox.

Tested with “Do you remember love”, “Paqman”, “SFZ”.

In my phone the same happens, even Edge is faster than FF in the phone. FF57 is faster only on my Surface Pro.

Does anyone have any idea why games some work well and others don’t? Theoretically they are using the same libraries, hardware … etc.

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A lot of the hardware isn’t properly emulated yet.

Lots of games are freezing because they’re waiting for some inexistent timer to fire. Others crash because not all CPU instructions were implemented, and the ones that were might have subtle bugs. Other games show visual glitches because only a bare minimum of the LCD controller is done.

Right now I’m working on adding debug tools (so I can find out what’s breaking more easily) and implementing more of the timer code (Timer0 isn’t complete, timers 1-4 are missing entirely).

Great work … I was just so happy my 1943 worked! It shows I must have done nothing special with the code.


That’s not really a surprise. Google owns both so it can take advantage of things only it knows about and/or alter Android to be better suited to using Chrome if need be.

That sounds to me like Mozilla are targetting and optimising for computers rather than phones.

That also means FixedPoints probably works fine so that’s a bonus for me too.

True. What is wrong with the rest of the developers? They can’t even write code that runs in an emulator? :slight_smile:

@FManga woooooooow this is awesome. A few days? Can we help in any way?? :smiley:

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@bateske Thanks! Aside from testing and digging into the code on github, I don’t think there’s much that can be done right now. Just give me a few more days. :wink:

Just made a big-ish update:

Next up: Set breakpoints and stepping through code.

By the way, anybody have a replacement for the arduboy photo? It’s something I got off google, I have no idea who it belongs to. And it’s so bright you can’t tell when the LED is on. Maybe a pixelart style png would be better/smaller?

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Team A.R.G. host some pixel art here including a really hot vector image.

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Looks great! I had to de-gloss the screen, though. :smile:

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I thin k its awesome that you are building an emulator for my game. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you get the screen to rotate once the game starts so you are flying up the screen?


See that bigger chip, to the right of the “sound off” text? Click it.

Now that’s better … Shouldn’t the 4-way buttons be at the bottom of the Arduboy wallpaper?

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That’s where the Tetris microcard puts them… Or did I misunderstand the question?

No you are right … If only I could flash the Microcard I have here.

Just a suggestion but would it make more sense to be clicking the big ATmega chip (32u4 and 328p) to switch between Arduboy and MicroCard layouts?