projectABE NetworkError


I often develop my code with the emulator. Sometimes I can no longer build, it gives me this error:
TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
As my internet connexion was good, I suppose that the problem comes from where projectABE is hosted. Maintenance?

Last time it happened it didn’t last long, but I always fear that one day I could no longer use it.
Is there a way of installing projectABE on our computer so we could use it even offline?

As it says in the file

Download one of the offline builds here and run it.

Thank you,

I downloaded version but I have a problem. Everything is ok at first but suddenly everything is bugged. It looks like something is corrupted in progmem.

For exemple with Team ARG’s Mystic Ballon. After a while I suddenly found myself stuck in the air, as if the level bitmap was suddenly null.


Should I use version V0810 ? I also tried it but it doesn’t build.