Prusa factory

Could you retweet and like this:

I want to visit that factory :pensive:

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Find their phone number and call them.

Also, try linked in.


Ouch … that sounded like a back-handed slap.

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If you manage to get into the factory, be sure to complement Josef’s beard. :P

In fairness asking for retweets probably counts as a misuse of the forum,
but not much else is going on because everyone is seemingly busy,
so it’s not particularly disruptive.

*sigh* I remember when companies used to have phone numbers…

No phone number, just an email ( and a load of social media links.

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I’d help if I knew anyone there. Just giving general advice on this stuff. Nobody uses the phone any more, if you call a business it’s kind of a big deal.

Fuck the phone.


There is an app for that

ps. nice I saw they just released a new one too.

Not available on site :sob:

You… were in the factory. You, do have, hands… and presumably a backpack… or maybe a jacket…?

Good to see you managed to get in.

(I happen to have a green Atari shirt similar to that.)

More’s the pity.

And soon after, a criminal record.

Now, I am a promoter of the factory everywhere. Even in Ried Town, Austria.


Weather looks nice for Austria this time of year!

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