PSA: Tetris Micro Card on sale at Massdrop

Seems like the Tetris Micro card has been discontinued and no longer available from Seeed.
It’s on sale at Massdrop right now. Half of the units are left of 150 and only 20 hrs left to buy. It’s a about $10 cheaper from what was on Seed and the shipping is way cheaper at least for the USA. Seed was charging me about $20 at mas drop is about $3.

Just picked one up … thanks for the link!

4th arduboy or tetris microcard?.. That is the question

Depends how much you like Tetris. The sale is over though, it ended 3 hours ago. I wonder if they will release anymore units or and if it will become a limited edition arduboy.

I see the shipment has been delayed … probably facing the same supply issues on screens.

Is that to have different games around at the ready, or am I missing something else entirely? I’ve seen a whole bunch of people here showing off 3 or more Arduboys on their desk, and granted I have a drawer full of open source gaming handhelds dating all the way back to 2005 :smile:

I have 4 already. I need to get the one from the jam (it will be the lucky 5th I own :stuck_out_tongue: ). You never know when you are going to need an Arduboy, so you need many.

Just FYI, We have no direct affiliation with these being sold through Massdrop. YMMV

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Yes I understand that.