Psi Colo - A puzzle game with dice

(OBONO) #1

psicolo_shot1 psicolo_shot2


This is a puzzle game with dice on the 5x7 grid field.

Creating a group of adjacent dice with identical pips — the size of which must be at least the number of pips — causes those dice to slowly sink into the field before disappearing. Chain reactions are possible by adding additional dice to a sinking set.

Exceptionally, to get rid of ‘one pip’ die, you have to move a ‘one pip’ die next to some disappearing dice. Then all of the ‘one pip’ dice will start to disappear.

There are 3 game modes.

  • Endless: Remove as many dice as possible before the grid completely fills with dice.
  • Time Limited: Get score as many points as possible in 3 minutes.
  • Puzzle: Solve puzzles using only a limited number of moves.


  • D-pad: Move the cursor
  • D-pad with B button: Roll a die
  • A button: Open the menu




Download HEX file.
Or check out souce code and build the project in ‘psicolo’ folder.

(Holmes) #2

Excellent release! Cannot wait to play… I hope I don’t get a seizure from the blinking! XD Nah, this will probably look like it has a ghosty effect. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nicole Birgel) #3

Looks great, i have to get my new PC going, can‘t load anything on arduboy atm😢

(Stephane C) #4

Can’t wait to try it. It looks so good.

(Scott R) #5

some more magic from @obono this looks great

(OBONO) #6

It’s one of my concern.
I’m also concerned about LED flashing.
Should I make configuration menu about these effects?


Yes please, excellent, excellent work!


Fancy graphics.
Like the effort you put in.
Hmm…what happened to the font?
Was that part of Tiny Font?
Look surprisingly great. On the PC screen.
Don’t know if my eyes can handle that…

(Stephane C) #9

That game is so nice!! It reminds me of a game I played on the PlayStation called Devil Dice :wink:

(OBONO) #10

Of course, I know ‘Devil Dice’.
I wished somebody ports it, but I did it in the end. :smiley:

(The above image is from ‘Arduboy Magazine Volume 11’)