I’m building a flash cart of some of my favorite games to start thinking about which ones I’d like to feature on the Arduboy Mini(s). I’ve prepared title images for all the games in the bootloader menu, let me know your feedback! I’ve simplified a bunch or created some that didn’t really have a title screen. Others I’ve inverted because I’d like to keep a low-key (mostly black) look to the bootloader.
SanSan Sirene SpaceCab Squario Starduino Tacklebox TurtleBridge UnicornDash VirusLQP79 ArdDrivin Arduventure Ardynia Blackjack CastleBoy CatacombsOfTheDamned Checkers ChromeDino CircuitDude DarkAndUnder Evade Evade2 FirePanic Glove HollowSeeker Hopper Jetpac LittleRookChess MicroCity MicroTank MidnightWild Minesweeper MiniRogue MysticBalloon OmegaHorizon RooftopRescue

In no particular order:

  1. CatacombsOfTheDamned
  2. Evade
  3. Evade2
  4. Jetpac
  5. MicroTank
  6. Sirene
  7. Starduino
  8. VirusLQP79
  9. Arduventure
  10. Ardynia
  11. DarkAndUnder
  12. Glove
  13. Tacklebox
  14. ArdDrivin
  15. ChromeDino
  16. UnicornDash
  17. FirePanic
  18. HollowSeeker
  19. Hopper
  20. RooftopRescue
  21. SpaceCab
  22. TurtleBridge
  23. CastleBoy
  24. MidnightWild
  25. MysticBalloon
  26. OmegaHorizon
  27. SanSan
  28. Squario
  29. Blackjack
  30. CircuitDude
  31. LittleRookChess
  32. MicroCity
  33. Minesweeper
  34. MiniRogue
  35. Checkers

Please let me know if you think I’m missing any “must have” of your favorite Arduboy games you play all the time. (I’m gonna come back in and add links and attributions soon once I get some feedback and can edit the list too)


The MicroTank and Checkers ones look good to me :slight_smile:

Sorry, its one of mine but I would love for you to put Farkle on the unit.

If you have room, I would love to see (Donkey) Kong, Choplifter and Juno First on there too - after all I am planning on buying a couple of these if I can. However, I understand I am just being greedy :slight_smile:

Other good games could be @Vampirics LoveRush and a nice utility - especially if the mini can be hung from a key chain - would be his Golf Companion.


There’s plenty of room, thanks for recommending them I’ll add them to the list. If you want to submit your own title screen that’s cool too!

Maybe crate 3d, cascade path, arcodia,tinybert. Its hard to decide, theres so many great games.

Good suggestions! I want to include cascade path but the game isn’t actually finished. Someone please finish it I will be friends with you if you do it.


I would also the following games:

  • Lode Runner
  • Fantasy Rampage
  • Star Honor
  • Humanity Revenge
  • 1943

To be honest I kind of think we’d be better off having a separate cartridge for all of @filmote’s games since he’s made so many.

Same for Team ARG.

Also don’t forget that Minesweeper has several different languages available,
including French, Spanish and German.
If you want I can provide some alternative titlecards for each language.

(You might not want to include the ‘aussie’ and ‘cockney’ versions though.
They were done as a bit of a joke and/or just to show off the multilingual feature.)


Could you add Square Nose? He’s back from Japan Expo and it has a new hard mode (Lethal Mouse). https://github.com/JuiceLizard/SquareNose


Leanna the lion is a great game.


i second this, especially love rush!
And i am missing back to the jungle


Basically, I would want all of these games, which are mostly on there… But it needs a MicroTD, for sure!! That is my favorite Arduboy game!! Link
Also, I would like to see Festive Fight on there, too. :sunglasses:

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Here, fixed it.


(The top two rows of dithering were missing on the sides.)

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Oh, I am also working on a Circuit Dude 3.0 and am trying to polish it up, now. :blush: What kind of deadline is there for this version? I am sure these are not the final games/versions.

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I’m putting them all together first, then I’ll begin the task of splitting them up into 4 mostly evenly distributed carts.

No deadline, just something I’m working on. #whenitsdone :slight_smile:


Kong is complete … I would love to see it distributed on this little baby!


Awesome to see MicroCity and Catacombs Of The Damned included! The MicroCity logo actually looks pretty good inverted.

Any artists keen to do a better splash / logo for Catacombs Of The Damned? Maybe something that could pay homage to the Catacomb 3D series or Wolfenstein 3D?


Just had a quick go at just making it as text. Could find more time later or tomorrow for something more elaborate if needed.



This looks awesome! Already a huge improvement over the existing splash image!

Got a better splash screen for Circuit Dude to match the new main menu in the game.